Creative room dividers are usually used as a solution for a small space apartment or house. Commonly, this room divider can be useful tool to help the owner creates some private area or separates a room and other room in their small place. Many kinds of shape, style, or model are provided by supply stores. Color and material also can be selected as the house owner’s request. Currently, this room divider is also found in a big house or common house. Besides it is used as room partition, it is also used as home decoration tool to complete the home design idea.

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There are many various shape of creative room dividers. Many alternative shape and model are such as: curtain hanging room design, folded panel room divider, screen room divider, sliding room divider, and other kinds of room divider. Hanging room dividers are the most favorite of room dividers which are used. Besides it does not need much space in the house, it looks more uncommonly tools which are found.

Creative room dividers ideas using hanging planters for living roomOne of hanging creative room dividers is looks like a high and wide ladder. The creativeness of this room divider is located in its long slim pot which makes a line about 100 cm long. The shape of pots is like a bamboo sticks which cut in a half. Usually, this hanging ladder room divider has three lines of white pots which hanged together. Each of pots contains of mini green spread plants which makes the room divider gives natural accent in the house. This kind of hanging room dividers is a creative choice to wider a small house or studio apartment. If the owners want to give fresh nuance by using green plants in the house but there is no space to put them, the hanging ladder room divider must be chosen.

Creative room dividers using hanging garden by Richard JocoThe hanging ladder room dividers are not only can be placed in the house; they can also be applied in the outside of the room. Second hanging ladder creative room divider is located in the outside of the house. It is usually hanged to separate the house terrace to the garden. Three of them can be hanged in line to be a full partition in front of terrace. The flower plant in yellow color can be chosen to be set on it. This color makes it looks cozy. Add rarely the spread green plants between the flower plants will make the hanging room divider looks natural.

Creative dividers using hanging planters with green plants and colorful flowers

Besides the hanging ladder creative room divider can be place to separate the room in a small type of house, placed in the outside of the house, it can also be placed next to the house stairs. For the stairs which is set without hand grip on each side, two hanging ladder room dividers will be perfect choice. It can be better decoration to cover the stairs from the living room or other room than do not placing anything on. The small green plants can be selected to place on its natural brown wood color pots.

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