Kitchen wall decals are other creative solution to represent creative and high quality art look on the kitchen wall with less cost of application. Many people commonly use colorful paint on the kitchen wall, two or more color combination looks usual today although it can create modern accent in the kitchen. Today there are various choices of creative wall decals which can be installed on the kitchen wall to create creative touch and give new spirit to cook the best dishes for the family in the lovely kitchen.

Kitchen appliance motif

Kitchen appliances are suitable to become kitchen wall decals motif, since they are usually found in the kitchen cabinets. If there is free space on the kitchen wall for example the space between hanging cabinet and stand cabinet, try to apply this kitchen appliance wall decals. It will be compatible if the frying pan, pots, or other cooking stuff wall decals motif are applied on the cooking area wall. Creative kitchen appliance wall decals motif for kitchenSome dishes, glasses, cups, spoons and forks wall decals motif are applied on the cleaning area wall. And other cups, glasses, teapot, and sugar jar wall decals motif are applied near coffee maker area. The wall decals colors can be fit to the kitchen theme or wall paint color. Some creative improvements are also suggested to create unique accent on the kitchen wall decals. For example: black cup and glass shelves wall decals which decorated with real hanging white cups on it.

Fruit and vegetable motif

Fruit and vegetable wall decals motif for kitchen by Arnold di ArmandoColorful accent will be reached in the kitchen by applying fruit and vegetable wall decals motif. White, cream, or off-white kitchen wall color will get contrast color atmosphere on the kitchen wall. But don’t worry for those people who are solid color fans, these kitchen wall decals motif surely can be applied on solid color such as: blue, yellow, even on darker wall color as its backdrop. There are numerous funny and attractive motif shapes and size of fruit and vegetable wall decals which can be selected. For example fruit and vegetable motif wall decals which have the same color and appearance like the real fruit and vegetable, in addition these fruits and vegetables have hands and feet on them which allow them to style in various funny pose.

Italian chef motif

White and black Italian chef wall decals motif for kitchen

Kitchen is identical with the cook or chef which prepares, cooks, and serves the delicious dishes to the customers. Italian chef kitchen wall decals motif can be the best option to decorate the kitchen wall. If there is free space which is not installed by any kitchen appliance and cabinet on the kitchen wall or dining room area, chef wall decals motif would look fabulous to replace wallpaper or mural. Big size of chef will be compatible to be stuck on the wall between dining area and kitchen area in creamy kitchen. Smaller size of chef wall decal motif can be installed on the dining room wall with other hanging accessory near it. This chef motif typically comes in black color on its border and transparent color on the chef body so that it will blend to any kitchen wall color.

Minimalist/abstract motif

Minimalist wall decals motif for small kitchenAbstract motif commonly comes in any shape which is blend and joined together to form a kind of unique, artistic, and beautiful motif. This abstract wall decals motif gives modern and unique accent on the kitchen wall. Where as minimalist motif on wall decals is simple motif which can be the great option to beautify plain wall in the kitchen. Flowers, shapes like cubical, triangle, circle, and other abstract motif are samples of minimalist wall decals motif which are suitable to be applied on the kitchen. Various colors of minimalist/abstract wall decals motif should be fit to the kitchen theme and wall color. Big, medium, or small size of these kitchen wall decals can be better to be stuck on the kitchen wall, cabinets, or even on the appliances such as refrigerator.