Air plant pods will give an elegance ambience in the home interior. Besides it does not need much water, it also does need soil to plant it, it is because its leaves can store much water and nutrients. This plant pods is usually known as Tillandsia. They can live in about 32° C – 10° C, some species with thicker leaves can live under 10° C. So it will appropriate as house decoration if the owners demand tidiness and clean plant pods. There are numerous model and design of plant pods which can be placed on the table, stick it on the wall, even hang it in upside position.

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Tillandsia is epiphytes which can be used to cure pollen allergic; this air plant also has benefit as unique home decoration that easy to take care and create. With a planting place formed like an age with a hole on the bottom make this plant pods placed in upside position. On the top of this glossy white egg planting place, there is a small hole which is used to place a rope. Rope is used to hang it on the ceiling. When it has been hanged, this air plant pod looks like an octopus. Two of them in mini size hanged closer to the wall beside a brown chair. They look cute and unique in mini shape.
Small air plant pods ideas with Tillandsia and white cageThese air plant pods are arranged in upside position. Different sizes of planting place which formed like an egg are available. Commonly, people hang them in two different air plant species. One is green looks like an aloe vera plant with thin and long leaves. Another air plant is in dark green color which formed like old tree roots. It grows in any direction and complicated. It is quite frightening but unique to use as decoration. Glossy white of egg planting place will suitable in any color especially if it is hanged in a room with white walls.

Hanging brown air plant pods ideasOther air plant pods are hanged in brown hanging egg which hanged in different level using rope. Two Tillandsia plants in different kind, shape, and color enrich the variety of interior decoration in a room. A Tillandsia is in brown color and looks like dried grass in upside position, the other one is in green color which looks like many small green snake turning out to different directions from the egg. Wooden old table is placed to complete the decoration, it clarify the hanging air plant pods which are unique to be seen.

These hanging air plant pods will look beautiful if they are matched to wooden reading table under them. Hang them closer to the plain wall to create good beautiful effect on it. Glossy white color for the egg makes them clean and give shade effect to the wall. The air plant species which are hanged in the egg are the same like the air plants which are hanged beside the brown chair. With unique spiraling leaves and color of air plants will create cooler and fresher nuance in the house.

Black glossy air plant pods

Glossy black air plant pods are also appropriate to be hanged above the wooden dining table. Hang them in white color kitchen will give contrast effect on the plain wall, so it does not need to be add wallpaper to create modern view of home interior design.