Terrarium plants are a planting art which use a glass as a planting place or media. This terrarium plant can create natural biosphere from the real nature to move it in a glass. This plant will look more unique than a potted plants in the corner of the living room. In addition, the treatment is easy and do not need much space in the room. It can be hanged on the wall or just put it in a table as the decoration at home.

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Types of plants for terrarium

Terrarium plants became popular decor in recent years. Mini size makes homeowners able to put anywhere at home. In addition terrarium also does not require special treatment such as an aquarium. The main treatment is to clean the glass cover with a damp cloth every day to keep it looking shiny and beautiful.

There are three kinds of terrarium plants.

  1. The first is open terrarium; this terrarium is terrarium which is opened on the top. This terrarium is easy to be treated and only need a few minute to be created by yourself.
  2. The second is close terrarium; this terrarium is closed in all sides. This closed terrarium more difficult to be treated because you have to know the water and light quality in it. But this terrarium can create unique biosphere of its plant.
  3. The third is animal terrarium which makes animals like lizard, snake, insect, etc to become a decoration on the glass. The animals are usually only replica of the real animals. Do you want it? Don’t worry that it will cost a lot of money; you can create it by yourself.

Magnet : unique plants terrarium for any places

Beautiful and unique magnet terrarium plants for small home or studio apartmentThere is a simple first type of terrarium plant which you can try to create by yourself. The name of this unique terrarium plant is terrarium equipped with magnet on the backside. This terrarium plants can be unique and chic decoration for home. Especially for a small house or studio apartment, it does not need much space. Because it has magnet on the terrarium, you can place it even on the refrigerator door. It is easy to be made. The materials that should be prepared are a circle stainless steel jar with a half glass cover on it (you will need it more if you want to make some terrariums), air plants such as succulent or cactus,  some moss, gravels, spray paint, magnet tins or painter’s tape, glue to stick the magnets. The steps to make terrarium plant magnet:
How to make magnet terrarium plants easily

  • Wash the gravels in water to clean the soil, and then dry it. Paint the gravel by using white spray paint until their color is exchanged.
  • Prepare the stainless steel jar and its glass cover. Try to part the glass cover so that it is just a half covered. This half glass cover will allow the plant get the air and sun light, you can water it easily without uninstall it from its place.
  • Prepare four magnet metal tins, dap a little glue on each of magnet then stick them on the back of the jar.
  • Put the gravels in the jar which has been covered by its half glass cover. Then stick some moss on it. Put a succulent or cactus on the moss in the jar.
  • Now the magnet terrarium can be patched on your refrigerator, mirror, or other stainless steel cabinet. If you want to stick it on the wall, you can replace the magnet metal to the painter’s tape.