Want to visualize your renovated home? Download Roomsketcher, a user-friendly 3D Interior design tool that lets you transform your imagination and creativity to reality.

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While it seems fairly easy to sketch your ideas about decorating your homes on a piece of paper; but a serious limitation in that case is that you would not be able to create a 3D floor plan.

You don’t have to be a software engineer to be able to use this 3D interior design application. Its user friendly interface lets you take over the design process absolutely. With its drag-and-drop option, you can draw different kinds of floor plans and place furniture in numerous ways.

Roomsketcher allows you visualize home improvements precisely. There are no gaps between what you have created in this 3D interior design application and in the real-time layout of your room. Roomsketcher has created masterpieces and we are sharing few of the best 3D home design pictures with you.

We have picked 10 best designs of Roomsketcher, so that you can see for yourself how wonderfully, this 3D Interior Design application has taken 3D interior design to another level of precision and perfection.


design your bathroom


Have you ever been overwhelmed by the mere thought of designing your own bathroom? Give Roomsketcher a try! Whether it is tile selection for the bathroom walls or floor, or choosing the right bathroom fittings, Roomsketcher does it for you! The color contrast of black and white tiles in this picture makes a bold statement. You can also choose the dimensions of the tiles, as well as the pattern in which they would be inlaid.


dream space

Now this can certainly be termed as a perfect balance and harmony of colors in an outdoor space! Not only that, but the space has been utilized in a highly functional manner. Maintaining a perfect balance between the beauty and functionality of any space is Roomsketcher’s top notch feature. The detailing of the French window and the door cannot be ignored. Yes. Roomsketcher lets you create your dream space with finesse and perfect detailing.


3d house design

Doesn’t this 3D view make you hold your breath? When you actually plan something in Roomsketcher, it automatically converts it into different views: 2D and 3D. The top view of this hallway illustrates how each and every detail has been incorporated. The wall paper, the floor tiles, the coat hanger, the mirror on the wall- Roomsketcher fills you up with innovating ideas that drive you to create such marvelous 3D house designs.



This kitchen looks immaculate. Doesn’t it? Well, thanks to Roomsketcher that has helped design this kitchen with precise calculation of space, keeping in view its functionality and beauty. It allows you to virtually move around kitchen cabinetry and electric appliances for better space utilization. What better option can you have than 3D interior design of your kitchen with Roomsketcher?


bedroom in your style

You are well are of the fact that spaces meant for relaxation need a special ambience. It also requires careful consideration of the way the furniture is laid out. Roomsketcher’s 3D floor plan lets you visualize your bedroom in several different layouts, until you make up your mind.  The bedroom shown in this picture has been divided into three sections- each meant for a specific purpose. The top view of this bedroom shows how your bedroom will ultimately look like.


visualize your office

Make your office more functional and tasteful by using Roomsketcher- a 3D interior design application. If you are planning to renovate your office, sketch its 3D floor plan in Roomskecher and check out what dimensions of the furniture would suit your requirements. But you better do it, before ordering office furniture online!



Designing nursery is a dream project and you would definitely not want to mess up with the first ever room of your baby. Would you? Let Roomsketcher do it for you, and let you and your little one live your dream.

Dining Room

dining room


Imagine a dining room with poor space dynamics and then compare it with a perfectly planned dining room. What makes the two of them different? Roomsketcher! You can take advantage of this 3D home design application and come up with a beautiful dining room ideas with a cozy fireplace, a fantastic cupboard, a comfy sofa and a bench- as shown in this picture.

Living Room

living room in the best possible way

Living room is undeniably the most active zone of a house; therefore, its layout carries immense importance. You can use Roomsketcher even if you are just looking for ideas to reposition the furniture and the TV unit as it would be much simpler to move around the furniture in Roomsketcher!

Floor plan of 3D house design

3d floor plan

Roomsketcher’s 3D house design gives you the freedom to explore your creativity and to design your dream homes, or projects. You can visualize the final picture and make improvements wherever required.