Craftsman style kitchen design have similarity with mission style kitchen decor which dominated with wood material. Craftsman style kitchen design must completely represent a craftsman house interior design. It could be dominated with craftsman handmade kitchen furniture including kitchen cabinets, countertops, and dining table set. Even the wall and floor in the kitchen are typically applied with craftsman house twist such as by applying beams on the ceiling or wall. There are some tips to help you create craftsman style kitchens simply below. Those tips contain of the decorating style, accessories, colors, and other general suggestions.

Interior decorating

Craftsman Style Kitchen DesignDecorating style of craftsman style kitchen design certainly will be dominated with wood. For the interior design, a kitchen which applied this craftsman house kitchen style will has some wooden beams pillar installed on the wall, middle kitchen area, or ceiling area. The whole of the kitchen interior look will dominated with natural wood color such as brown in any versions. But today in this modern era, the color in craftsman style kitchens could be combined with any solid color and neutral colors. But the main material in this kitchen still relies on wood. Wood floor with any style such as planks floor or only ceramic wood look should be perfect applied in this kitchen style. Other style excepting wood as kitchen floor which apply craftsman style kitchens are slate floor and linoleum floor style.

Color options

Craftsman Style Kitchen IslandColor combination on the wall, kitchen cabinet, and appliances could be created as desire for example yellow and white color composition on the wall, white on wood pillar and ceiling, cream or white on the kitchen cabinets and counter. Material combination also could be applied in today craftsman style kitchens such as: marble and wood. The color of marble should be suited to the wood color of course. Try to apply color not more than 4 colors in craftsman style kitchens.

It is because craftsman house style is designed with comfortable and functional in duty but it still contains of aesthetic twist on the entire interior decoration. So try to applied color as simple as possible for this kitchen style. Compatible color options could be selected whether it is applied in single or with neutral color combination. Those colors are Roycroft Rose, White Hyacinth, Library Pewter, Hubbard Squash, and other colors which can found in any paint brand.

Furniture design

Craftsman Style Kitchen Cabinets

Furniture which applied in the kitchen no matter they are arranged in any kitchen shape typically made of wood. There are several decorating aspects related to the kitchen furniture to support in creating craftsman style kitchens. That wood furniture which is commonly made of maple, oak, or cherry wood should be stained or painted as finishing options for this kitchen style. Square shape in kitchen furniture especially dining table set would be perfect to create old style in the kitchen. Try to choose rectangular dining table or counter with square legs and square rungs on the chairs.