Valentine box ideas are prepared to welcome Valentine’s Day. Many designs of romantic box are created and sold in the gift stores as gift box choices to celebrate the romantic moment. Creative and unique shape of Valentine box such as: heart shape as love symbol, circle, square, and other various shapes can be selected to place and cover the special gift. Below are several Valentine gift box design which can be your gift inspiration.

Heart shaped

The first Valentine box ideas is made of motif thick paper which is formed heart shape as love symbol. This gift box is not like common box which has wall surround the heart shape and cover with the same shape. It has triangle shape when it is seen from the side; it means this box has sharp part on the bottom part of heart shape. There is long paper tab on each of heart wall side which can be connected by sliding each other to close the box. Heart shaped Valentines day box ideasPink, red, white, and black color on the box motif looks suitable to the black lace ribbon with white dots on it. Two folded Valentine greeting card are joined by the ribbon on the top of the box. See the tutorial to make heart shaped Valentine box.

Box with flower arrangements decor

Romantic Valentines day box ideas with flowers decorFlower is romantic thing which can be chosen as special gift on Valentine’s day. Rose in red and pink are the best optional to be arranged in this romantic box. Maroon square gift box without cover is used as flower vase. Black ribbon with small silver dots on the border is tied surround the box. Small oval greeting card is slipped behind the tied ribbon. Pink and red blooming roses are arranged randomly and tidily in the box, some of the rose has green leaf to decor the flower arrangement. Spiral sticks are put within the roses, chocolate color on these sticks reflect the Valentine’s chocolate which become the characteristic on this romantic day.

Romantic mailbox

Creative Valentines day box ideas

Do you know mail box which commonly applied in front of the house? Creative idea makes this “post office” thing becomes unique Valentine box. A large carton paper with pink and white written motif is formed as like a mail box. This mailbox has horse shoe shape or a tunnel, and there is other long carton paper which is formed as mail box handle stuck on the tunnel shape near the box hole. Bunches of triangle cupid corn treats in red and pink are packed in four plastic bags as the gift hidden in the mail box. Some short messages such as: Be Mine, I Love You, Kisses, and XOXO are written on the paper stuck on the plastic bags.

The Foxy Valentine

Unique Valentines day box ideasFox is other creative Valentine box themes that you can try. This idea is really unique and attractive. The square box is formed as common paper bag with triangle shape on its sides. On the front side of this red fox bag, there is additional paper with blunted corner on the bottom side which is used as box cover. On this cover, fox face contains of white and black eyes and small black nose located in the middle of bottom part. Two fox ears are stuck on the top part of this unique box. And white oval shape is drawn under the fox face which looks like fox chest, ‘’to my FOXY valentine!” is written on the white chest. As the furnishing, fox tail with white color on its red tail tip appears in the right side of box. This tail is adhered on the behind part of the box.