Cubicle accessories are needed to complete the “work box” theme decoration to create different nuance in the office. Sometimes, decorating the office cubicle is important to reduce the stress and get more new spirit in doing a job. There are many cubicle themes which can be applied in the cubicle. For example: happy summer, see world, world war, classic, world cup, and other attractive theme to be applied. These theme surely need their accessories, some of the accessories can be made by self or purchased in any stores which provide them. And today we have some cool and funny cubicle decor and maybe some of you will said “strange”. Check these out.

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War themes

The first sample of uncommon cubicle accessories is in world war cubicle theme. Some war news from newspaper is stuck surround the cubicle wall as a decoration. A colored ice mount poster with a helicopter on it stuck on a cubicle wall as a background theme. White L shape Styrofoam covers the L shape of work desk, this Styrofoam is used to ease the war accessories to be stuck on the desk. Cool office cubicle accessories with war in the snow themeA PC set is placed on the corner of the desk and telephone placed beside it. Some of mini soldier toys are arranged on the Styrofoam randomly. Some stones in different size and shape are also arranged as hidden place for the soldiers. Mini vehicle toys such as ambulance, tank, and other war vehicles are set to increase the war theme in this cubicle. To create more effect that there is a hard war on the desk, red spot from board marker or crayon is drawn randomly as blood of died soldiers.

FIFA world cup

Soccer office cubicle accessories FIFA World Cup 2010The second sample of unique cubicle accessories is set in world cup theme. As like the previous cubicle desk, PC set is located in the corner of the curved desk. Curved green cloth covers the desk as reflected of soccer field with a goal post in each of the side. The PC screen is reflected to be a big score screen, so that there is a chalk paper stuck on it contains of Germany and England match score. On the green field, there are mini people toys which are arranged as the soccer players. Some FIFA and soccer group stickers stuck on the cubicle wall to complete the theme decoration.

Pink lady

Pink office cubicle accessories for girl

The next is cool cubicle accessories for lady which applied in pink cubicle theme. This theme is attractive enough for a pink fan. All of the office stuffs are in pink color, two PC screens, mouse, keyboard, and an office chair which is completely covered by pink paper. Tassel cut of pink paper or plastic are spread on the desk surface and the office chair. It can be just spread out or stuck on it by paper glue. Some colorful marble egg toys such as: green, pink, purple, and blue are spread out on those tassel paper to sweet the pink theme. Pink rabbits are drawn on papers and stuck on the PC screen for the furnishing.

Funny toilet

Funny office cubicle accessories with toilet themeThe last funny cubicle accessories will make you laugh or confused because it’s like a toilet. This theme is unpredictable theme which ever been thought as cubicle theme. But this is the most adorable theme to be applied in the office cubicle. Blue toilet ceramic tiles wallpaper are arranged surround the cubicle wall to create as if this cubicle is a real toilet. You even can find a closet as the dustbin and a sink installed on the middle of the desk in this unique cubicle. Toilet roll tissue is hung next to the dust bin closet. The office desk is in L shape with a side to place PC set and other side to place brush teeth mug and other bathing stuffs. Blue shower curtain is applied on the door frame to give privacy in this cubicle.