Contemporary kitchen curtains is great choice to be used as window cover and decoration accessories. Contemporary style is typically created to be up to date in style and commonly this style can be use in any era whether classic or modern. Various modifications to keep popping up from various designers. Not only for the color or motif, but also the shape become more artistic. Some beautiful and creative ideas of contemporary curtains can be selected after reading the following sample design.

If you want apply window treatment on the room window without losing the natural daylight, this white kitchen curtains should be the best choice. It is because this window treatment uses sheer and transparent cloth type to create beautiful curtain. Four windows in this room are installed on the curving wall. Firstly the large transparent cloth type with cream and white motif on it is applied to cover the entire of curving wall. Then there is a kind of curving wooden board which is installed on the top near the ceiling. contemporary kitchen curtains ideasThe last sheer curtains with brown line as curtain border is arranged spirally surrounds this wooden board to decorate the main curtain under it.

brown contemporary kitchen curtainsCream sheer cloth is chosen and set to be contemporary style curtains. With longer length of curtain than the window, these curtains look glamorous in simple arrangement. Two curtain pieces are parted into the side then tied by long ribbon with same color as the curtain. Cream color on this curtain almost looks like light orange is suitable to be applied between the white and brown wood kitchen cabinets. In addition, with natural daylight which comes through this sheer curtain allow the kitchen has romantic light effect.

unique contemporary kitchen curtains

Cream color is still applied as the backdrop color on this unique contemporary kitchen curtains. But colorful accent is found on this curtain caused by its motif. Red and pink rose arrangement motif on the middle with gold curling line on the upper and lower curtain part gives chic accent on this kitchen curtain. Wavy texture is made on the bottom edge to add the artistic sensation on this curtain. Pink and transparent beads are arranged and installed on the wavy curve on the bottom edge to beautify the appearance. This contemporary curtains only covers ¼ area on upper part of window.

contemporary kitchen valances

Triple‘n’ shape of this curtain arrangement gives luxurious accent on the kitchen. This curtain has unique shape and arrangement on the whole part of it. It looks like a drapery but with hard and tight texture of curtain material. Dark yellow with gold classic motif looks great to create glamorous sensation on common window especially for dining room window. On the side of the window, this dark yellow curtains is tied with gold string, while two hanging curtains or ‘n’ shape in the middle have stairs texture on its bottom. This curtain length fit the window length except the two external side curtain which set longer than the window. Behind this unique curtain, there is large and long white sheer curtain applied to cover the entire window surface.