Conference room is a room where work presentation is held, some staffs of the office and the guests will attend in this room. The design of office conference room is designed based on the room functions, the comfort accent but effective to be used in many conference members in a time, work atmosphere which will created, and other work activities related. There are various options in building and decorating a conference room. It is necessary to make those conference rooms as comfort as possible to reduce the stress feeling and increase the staffs concentration.

Color choices for conference room

Numerous kinds of color can be selected as the office interior design ideas. Bright color should be choice to improve the lighting in the room. Color combination also can be applied to create modern and elegant conference room design. Luxury conference room designEnsure to not applied strong and contrast color such as red and yellow, blue and purple, and others strong color combination so that it will not break the concentration of the conference members. Use simple single color like white, light blue, light green, etc with minimalist wall decals in some part of the wall as decoration.

Furniture for conference room design

Minimalist conference room interior ideasThe main furniture which commonly found in the conference room design is a large table and a dozen of chairs. Every office has to have a conference room to hold some job presentation, meeting, or other conferences. Some office staffs, boss, and event the other company guests typically need much time in the conference room. So the conference room furniture must be chosen as comfortable as possible for the user facility. Durable furniture should be selected to reduce the outcome of the company. Additional chairs also should be prepared in the hidden closet or other room to accommodate the sudden guests. A large conference table should be made with additional table hidden under the main table to hold the food and beverage, while the handout and other written stuffs can be placed on the main table.

Layout for conference room design

Minimalist and clean layout options can be applied in the conference room design to get the effective movement when the conference is running. Some layouts can be selected to give work atmosphere between the staffs or the conference members. U shape conference layout gives a focus view on the conference speaker while the discussion staffs run properly and focus. Other layout options such as classroom style or equal row table arrangement, boardroom style with chairs placement surround the table, banquet style with long table, and cocktail style with small tables and other area discussion for the conference members.

Modern conference room design

Modern conference room design ideas

Modern design can be created with modern gadget installation surround the conference room. Today conference event always uses LCD in front part of the room, LCD TV, or other sophisticated gadget as conference media. Style on the conference room decoration also can be created by color and wallpaper or wall decals combination. Unique and modern shape of the furniture can be considered to decorate the conference room design with modern accent. Ceiling shape and the lighting also can be adjust as unique as possible to create this modern accent.