Making a beautiful condo interior design is no different from designing a living room from a technical point. Making center spot, mounting accessories, color selection, lighting and theme concepts selection are based on taste. Condo is basically a small room without divider that consists of some furniture like sofa, table and television. This room is often used as a place to relax with family or entertaining guests. It could be said if condo is a mini living room. Moreover, in selecting the condo design ideas, it requires you to choose unique design but still in same concepts with other rooms in the house.

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Designing your condo is important as it can be a useful space for you. Moreover this spot has only a few meters wide. For that we give you some inspirational ideas to help you in building the condo. Keep reading this post for more useful tips and info about designing a comfortable condo.

Choosing most suitable design

New Condo Interior Design Ideas Image 148For the condo interior design, you need to choose design that blends perfectly with the surrounding rooms. There are some interesting design that you can try such as modern, classic, victorian or urban. Make it unique so that you can enjoy the new atmosphere there. One of the simplest way is using wallpaper to cover walls around the condo. Use the abstract motifs to create the glamor nuance and liven up the room atmosphere.

Placement the condo

Placement the Condo Near Fireplace Image 147To get the ideal location to install a condo, you can use an empty room in the house or take a few feet of existing space. Taking a few meters from the spacious kitchen and dining room as an area condo can be an alternative. In the classic European house, condo are often built around a fireplace with a sofa set surrounding the small table. While the most used design today is an area around the windows which gives the user the beautiful view outside the home.

Painting ideas to make condo look bigger

Painting Ideas for Condo Image 149

Choosing a condo colors are preferred by many designers. Color plays an important role in determining the comfortable atmosphere for people who to be there. Bright colors types is ideal for condos, especially in small areas where dark colors would make the room looks smaller. Bright color schemes can help you to “remodeling” the condos into spacious and soft when viewed. Most used bright color for condo are white, cream, light blue and light brown for classic condo.

Wall covering

Wall Cover for Condo Image 150When you want a condo with special look, painting is not enough. Wall covering is the fastest shortcut to improve prestige of the condo.Bright colors always looks shine and wide. Keeping similar color schemes throughout your condo will give a looking of continuity and style flow. For more interest, use flower motive or smoothly textured pictures in same bright color schemes on select walls throughout your condo.

Accessories and arts

Accessories and Art for Condo Image 151Give daring and different color throughout your condo with furniture and accessories. The proper arrangement of furniture and accessories will provide an believable atmosphere that reflects your taste. Throw pillows, glass objects, potted flowers and favorite photos gallery are sweeteners for every decor.