Just like David Letterman has a top 10 list and Jay Leno had his headlines hear are several complaints that your Interior Decorator wants to hear from you.

1: I don’t like what you have done in this room

extraordinary room design

2: Why did you Choose those colors?

colorful room design

3: Is that real or fake?

reality base room design

Where did you get that from?

painted room design

5: How old is that?

classic room design

6: That was not what I asked

yellowish batroom design

7: Did you actually go to college for this?

teddish room design

8: What decade is this supposed to be?

religious room design

9: Oh sorry I meant for you to put that in the other room

bamboo room design

10: This is taking way too long

beautiful lighting room

11: This won’t stain the paper will it?

green color room design

12: Your just doing the room I asked you to redesign?

room design pattern

13: Do you have a certificate for this?

grunze room design

14: How were you referred to me again?

classic bathroom design

15: Was this something you saw on TV?

as see on tv

Those could be some of the 15 complaints you interior designer would not want to hear from you as they create an artistic and fresh new look for your home or office.

Interior designers have away to create a really new look and add colors to brighten or make any room or office look like its brand new or have more space with colors and their artistic creative. with simple designs and fresh new look your room or office space can be the talk of the town.

With the brightness and new colors and creative design thin k of your new room as a work of art specially designed for you and your tastes of actually what you would like to see done. even if it means touching up old photos or fixing up old furniture with a creative touch your interior designer will give it their best shot to get that job done.

Leave all your comments or complaints about your interior designer to yourself unless they are trying to rip you off. They are using their artistic skill to create a better modern idea for each location they work on. Overall interior designers try and bring a fresh new look with a modern twist and their creativity would be limited if they heard complaints after each idea they create.

I am sure that you can add to the list of complaints interior designers don’t want to hear; It can be a hurtful or funny thing if Jay Leno or David Letterman talk about the subject on their tv shows or use the list of headlines or top ten lists books. Truly let the interior designer do their artistic job to create a wonderful and bright space for your new room or office.