Compact kitchen design by Vitor Xavier has incredible shape and feature built in it. A unique shape as like tea cup or a half globe looks attractive to be placed on the kitchen area in studio apartment and can adore your guests when you show this unusual compact kitchen to them. Complete features in simple and flexible shape become a special characteristic on this modern compact kitchen. You even can find dining table in this compact kitchen. The whole of this unique compact kitchen is made of solid wood.

Glossy white and grey perfectly covers the hole of the half globe shape. Grey color is used to mark the hidden drawer areas so that you do not need to search them in detail. Glossy grey color also covers the top of this compact kitchen where four electric stoves, preparing area and sink are located. The four stoves are installed in a line facing the faucet in the other side of compact kitchen.

Small compact kitchen design

Small compact kitchen design ideasCompact kitchen design concepts

Three stoves have the same diameter while the other has smaller diameter and located in the left side than the other. Under each of the faucet and stoves area, there is a large cabinet with curved sliding door to store the kitchen stuffs like pans, pots, kettle or others. Unique handle on this curved sliding door cabinet is easy and comfort to grab when it is used to open or close the curved cabinet door.

Compact kitchen design for small kitchenIf this mini portable kitchen is set in a sample direction such as: the north for the faucet and the south for the stoves, so on the west and the east there will be the other functional drawer pulls. On the west drawer, small dining area with simple table which has length is about 60 cm will appear with open shelf under it. This dining table shape is fit the compact kitchen shape so that the bottom part of this dining table is in curving shape. All sides of the compact kitchen drawers are brushed smoothly so that the entire surface of this compact kitchen ideas is perfect in texture.

Compact kitchen design storage

Compact kitchen storage designSmall wastafel for compact kitchenOn the east drawer, there are two drawers with different size; smaller size drawer pull is located on the top while the larger located under it. Smaller drawer with small wooden handle set horizontally has some wooden frames with different shapes and sizes in it to store various kinds of smaller kitchen stuffs such as: spoon, fork, and others. In the larger drawer pull on the bottom part of this compact kitchen sets, four boxes are used to store the spices or fresh vegetables. Longer wooden handle of the drawer looks compatible with the drawer size. In addition, with the glossy grey color on the countertop where the stove and sink are located, modern and futuristic accent created.