Interior designing of homes in never an easy task, either for the interior designer and the decorators or in case you are doing it yourself. It demands high level of commitment and innovation to redecorate the homes as per to your style, choice or the season since it involves almost all the accessories that are present within the four walls to be adjusted in order to give a new look. The chances of redecoration going wrong are always there but giving it a considerable thought may help avoid them. Here are a few mistakes that one might commit while doing all the redecoration:-

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Do not over-furnish the place

You may be having many household items for interior designing that you want to display but do remember that doing the same will harm you in a big way. Over cluttering the space with undesired items is just what the doctor never ordered. It is therefore important that you fill the space you are decorating with the necessary items that can help you make your room look great and yet cozy. Overly furnished room not only makes your room look smaller but over crowded as well.

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Size of the Room & Furniture

It is also very important that the size of the furniture must conform to the size of the room you are placing your furniture in. The room if small as compared to the size of the furniture will give an unbalanced look. Same is true for the furniture that is smaller in size in comparison to the size of the room. Hence, it is pertinent that before you select the furniture for a specific room, or before you shop new furniture, make sure that the length, width and the height of the furniture is as suitable as the size of the room it is to be placed in.

Clutter Bug

The biggest mistake that clutter bugs commits is the cluttering of the furniture as well as the accessories. Generally, the furniture is layout in right manner but then the decoration pieces and the related items are over cluttered. This simply against the flow and the calmness of the room and you will surely deprive the room of such features. Hence it is important to distinguish between the stuff that you like, stuff that is important and the stuff you can do without. Configuring your items on the said scale will certainly help decorating your room moderately and in a balanced manner.

Poor Lighting

It is very important that the lighting must conform to the rest of the furniture and the decoration pieces placed in the particular room. Poor lighting can dim out the effect of the said arrangement. Lighting is one of the most important things that help in defining the looks of a room. If the lighting does not go along with rest of the decoration, then surely the overall effect of the room will be poor in display.

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Furniture before Paint

Everything that a room has within its four walls is part and parcel of the room decoration. Once you are doing so, be very pertinent that furniture is the most important aspect of the room. Same importance must be given to the paint that you desire painting your walls with. Hence, it is very important that you select the paint color for your walls before you think of buying furniture for the same room. It is even better if the room is painted first since it can have a huge impact on the selection of the furniture.

furniture before paint


Do not underestimate the importance of the budget. If you have enough, it’s good that it will allow you to maneuver your options. If it is too less, then do not be bothered but take a little time to find the right piece for your room. Spending heavily will not make your room look trendy. Spending sensibly is indeed effective.

Do not Overlook Variety

It is imperative that you do not overlook variety. Buying all the stuff from the vendor may bring this element in your living space. Hence, it is imperative that you roam around the market and look for variety of options in order to help create the better interior of your homes.

Hiding the Windows

Do not hide your windows. Windows are key elements that help bring in the elements of nature into your living space which is not only refreshing but also very is better to avoid covering your windows with curtains or for that matter, the front of the windows are covered with plants or any other stuff.

Focal Point

It is important to have a focal point that you want your visitors to be inspired by once you are decorating the interior. If not, then the look of the room is rather conventional than trendy.