Colorful living room wallpaper is chic solution to create comfortable and pleasant accent in the one of most visited spot in the house. Big motif in various colors which are unusual to be applied on the wall should be appropriate to cozy the room. Small or medium size of motif on the wallpaper is also suitable especially if it is applied on a side of wall, so that crowded effect will not happen. There are numerous themes which can be fit to these colorful wallpapers such as: season theme like winter, spring, fall, summer, and other motif themes of wallpaper. To help you get the best appearance, today we provide some creative ideas and maybe one of them is what you want.

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Elegant living room wallpaper with bright rose motif

Modern living room wallpaper ideas with bright rose motifRose is the motif which drawn on this elegant and simple room decor. The living room is colored in light brown for the entire wall, white for the ceiling, and wood for its floor. To suit the color theme, this rose wallpaper uses dark brown color as the wallpaper backdrop and there are two roses which set in different size and color on it. The bigger rose is almost as tall as the wall height; it is painted in bright yellow and dark green for its leaves. The smaller rose is about a meter from the floor, it has the same color with the surrounding wall area, light brown, which is applied on its calyxes and dark green color for its leaf. Off-white color is a color which used as the border color for those roses and their stems. This colorful wallpaper is stuck about 2 – 2, 5 meter length on the wall beside a glass sliding door. It looks so cozy and compatible to gather with all family members.

Purple living room wallpaper

Purple living room wallpaper ideas for luxury nuancePurple is the best choice as a color theme to create luxurious accent in the living room. White becomes the right color for living room wall color to accommodate purple, pink, and orange color on its furniture. The 1, 5 – 2 meter length of wallpaper is stuck on the white wall color between a large glass window and purple wall which set forward as like wall for fire place. This wallpaper is stuck on the wall from the floor to the room ceiling. On this colorful wallpaper, some blooming roses are arranged on black backdrop color without stems. Pink, orange, and purple are solid color which are applied on roses to fit the furniture color around it. The black color on wallpaper backdrop create contrast accent to the white wall color so that it make the living room more elegant.

Romantic with autumn living room wallpaper motif

Classic living room wallpaper ideas with autumn theme

Autumn is perfect ideas to feel the romanticism of fallen leafs. White dominated the color on this fall theme living room. Tall dry tree motif wallpaper are arranged to fill out the wall on each side of a white wood fire places which built forward than the wallpapered wall. White backdrop color perfectly blends the living room wall color. Dark green is color which is used to draw the tree motif. To complete the fall theme, a textured dry tree structure is stuck on the white wall above the fire place. Those arrangements look fabulous and classic in this living room.

Black living room wallpaper

Black living room wallpaper ideas for modern living room decorWho says that black can not be mixed with various bright colors? In this black living room, colorful wallpaper is applied on a side of wall. By using white as its backdrop color, there are many kinds of flower image which are arranged contiguously in black color. Big flower images are arrange in front of black flowers in bright color such as: blue, green, pink, and orange. Those black flowers behind them look like a shade on this chic wallpaper. To fit the various colors of wallpaper, living room furniture and accessories are also painted in white, black, pink, orange, and blue.