There is chic house in London which is designed with colorful house interior decoration concept in white color as the backdrop. You must have seen a house with colorful wall in some home magazine or home design pictures spread out in the internet, don’t you? But have you ever seen a white house with colorful accent on it with no any color combination on the wall? Well, this kind of chic concept of interior decoration is applied in this London House.

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Colorful House Interior Decoration in Living Room

Colorful Living Room Interior DecorThis colorful house interior is designed by Light Locations. This house was built in large space with chic color mix on the furniture and accessories. The entire of the room wall in this house is painted in pure white as well as the ceiling and floor. Some furniture in this house is painted in white to make it harmony, but that white furniture is also combined with other color to make it chicer. Most furniture arranged in the living room has contrast color with the white color.Colorful Dining Room Decorations

You can see long sofa in black located to complete the sofa formation with a pink chair. Two coffee tables in different design are place between them close to the wall to give more space in this room. Unique accent can be found on four mirrors hung on the wall behind the pink chair and coffee table. It looks unique because the fourth mirrors are designed in different dimension and shape. In front of the black sofa, soft blue is painted on the wall and simple antique cabinet placed near the pink chair. This colorful house interior decoration looks so cozy with hanging unique lamp with brown tassel.

Colorful House Interior Decoration in Master Bedroom

Chic Master Bedroom Design Ideas

This master bedroom in the colorful house interior decoration is large enough than standard bedroom for king bed. White becomes the main color to cover the entire art of the bedroom including floor and ceiling. Classic chandelier hung on the middle ceiling for the soft lighting at night. This brown crystal chandelier is suited by simple curtain applied on the window with the same color as chandelier.

Bed sheet and chair sheet is colored in white with red rose motifs to make the room looks classic. The classic sense also supported by the double bed with four-poster located on the middle wall. Some paintings in different dimension decorate this middle wall with their unique color combination. Blue cushion and pillows on the bed and chair complete this colorful house interior decoration.