Kitchen is the place where you should explore creativity in cooking to make your family love you more. It is undeniable that from foods, people can fall for you. So, you must make the kitchen the place where the inspiration to cook never runs out. You are able to stimulate the inspiration through the atmosphere of the kitchen by creating something unique to improve the beauty of your kitchen. To do that task, Mans Salomonsen has something for you. If you are so eager to know it more, you had better follow this article.

You can do what Mans Salomonsen does by being a priest for the marriage nuptial of fruit storage and a plant pot. The result is really amazing. Solomonsen names it Cocoon. It is such a place where you can store your fruits and vegetables there. Above the storage, you can plant herbs for cooking other tiny plants for decoration.

Cocoon Fruit Storage 1This idea is innovative and genuine. That is the creativity from modern home design concept. You just not only have a decoration benefit but also a function one. Any fruits and vegetables you want to store there, this storage can cover those. If you do not like chill fruits much, you can store the fruits there before you eat those.Cocoon Fruit Storage

The material used to make the storage is clay. That is great for absorbing the water from your tiny project of agriculture in the pot. In the time when the water evaporates, the storage is quite cooled. That makes the fruits cool automatically. You do not even need electricity for it. It means that your bill of electricity will not be fantastic. You must agree if it is said that this idea is perfectly brilliant. You never think before that you can take a benefit from evaporated water, right? With this storage from Salomensen, your paradigm of modern beautification changes now if you are a part of people who think that modern decoration is not useful at all. The function of it is just for decorating. The shape is unique but there is nothing to use there. That is absolutely wrong.

Cocoon Fruit Storage 2

For the place where you have to put the storage in the kitchen is near the window. You do not need to provide many spaces for Cocoon. Cocoon is so great to be placed anywhere you want. That is okay if you choose on a kitchen island to put Cocoon.