Christmas tree decoration has been known for thousands years ago exactly in the 16th century was started by German people and then spread throughout the world to become an annual tradition. The Christmas tree became “special one” decoration in addition to candles, statues Santa, wreath or lights when this glorious night comes. Every year we always try to make better also more memorable Christmas tree than the previous year. Minimalist, simple, modern with glamorous accessories or traditional decoration are some alternative design options for your Christmas tree this year. Whatever our tree designs look like, the Christmas tree always has same meaning to give us strength, blessing and sanctity points.
Decorating Christmas tree is not easy even for a simple one. Determine design and how the shape look like in future is major constraint. But I’m lucky because my family has unique Christmas ideas are still used each year. If you confused about choosing and making the best design, we will show you steps by step to decorating the spruce become interesting one.

Choosing the Tree

Modern Christmas Tree Image 109You can use a imitation tree which currently sold in the market. But the original tree still better though more expensive than imitation. Soak with water the base of the spruce tree to avoid leaves get drain and fall. Consider also about the Christmas tree placement whether it is in your living room or kitchen, etc. Choose finest spruce with 1.5m-2 m in high and 15cm-25cm for the diameter because it’s strong to carry the weight of decoration we will give later.

Christmas Tree Decorating: Lighting installation

Christmas Tree Lighting Image 111After the tree stand, the next step is covered with a strand lamp. Lights installed starts from the top then drop down. Use your creativity to create a specific pattern using a string of these lights to make your Christmas tree look more impressive. But if you find it to difficult, just use the regular flow. Don’t forget to test the lights to ensure it’s work properly.

Christmas tree decorating : Placing the ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments Image 108

Hanging accessories on the tree can be said as the major of any decorating Christmas tree tutorial. There are many ingredients that you can use such as ribbons, balls, small stuffed animals, chocolate, candy and some people use fruit to create a unique decoration. If you celebrating Christmas day in tropical country, use small pieces of cotton and placed tip of the branch as a substitute of snow. Invite all family members especially your children to participate in decorating to increase the warmth of Christmas.

Christmas tree decorating : Under the tree

Christmas Tree Decorations 2011Take some big baskets and decorate with ribbons or colored paper. This basket used as place to put surprise gift for children or walnuts, pine cones and chocolates wrapped in foil. Place the basket around the base of the tree. You can also put the gift and candy directly to the floor but make sure the floor is clean.

Christmas tree decorating: Placing the topper

Christmas Tree Toppers Image 110There are many options to be used as toppers. Star, moon, fairy or country flag is most used as toppers. Take a stepladder and place the topper on the tip of the tree. In my family, we decorating the Christmas tree toppers using “S” letter taken from our family name (S=Saputra). And what about your Christmas tree toppers?