We are living in the time when it is easier than ever to access a very large number of ides for your home decor. And with the increased demand for creativity in this area, the available possibilities are practically endless. We all do our best to make our home more personalized, special and comfortable, while this effort makes it our safe oasis. This is no different when it comes to choosing the decor for our little ones. Of course we want to provide them with as much as we can, to make them as happy as possible, and to become more aware of their childhood dreams. One of the great ways to do so is to make their room truly THEIRS. Children’s bedroom furniture has gone to a completely new level. Maybe you even experienced that moment when you think: „Wow, I wish I had this when I was a child“. Maybe more than for any other piece of furniture, this is true for children’s bed design. Here a few things to consider if you wish to find a bed that will make your child filled with happiness and excitement when the bed time comes.

kids bedroom ideas

Keeping child’s personality in mind. This is probably the most important thing. You need to put aside your desires for a little while, and seriously take into consideration what your child wants. For example, maybe you loved playing with dolls when you were little, but your girl is more into pirates or animals. It will do no good if you force the design to your child. You will spend both time and money to give a child something that they are not really wishing for. In order for both you and your child to be satisfied with the choice, go for something that reflects their persona, and that they will always remember. This can be as simple as putting their own name on the bed side or you can go for some of the more adventurous options. Does your child like a certain cartoon? Do they like forests, jungles or maybe oceans? Is there a profession that they dream of doing once they grow up? Are they into sports, dance, or maybe acting? Anything can be found and achieved today, even without having to spend a small fortune for it to happen. But put some effort into determining which motif will make your child happy.


Age of your child. This is another important thing to be taken into consideration when deciding about the overall bedroom design, with emphasis on beds. You want to go for something that is in accordance with their age, so that they really feel that the chosen design reflects their own personality. Of course you will not change the bed very often, but it is still important to try and harmonize the design with the child’s age.

Safety first. If you have more than one child, you might want to consider a bulk bed. This is an excellent way to save some space in their bedroom which will allow them to play around more freely. However, make sure that you are buying high quality beds that put your child’s safety in the first place, in order to avoid accidents while climbing in and out of bed. The design ideas for this type of bed are really numerous. This is true both for spatial arrangement of beds, as well as the colors and motif. There are also options that combine bulk beds with desks, small closets and similar. Or maybe you would like to go for a slide that goes from the top bed to the floor, which can be a lot of fun for your child. Whatever the option, make sure the entire structure is safe enough.

Bedroom space limitations. There are many ways in which designers manage to get children’s beds to take as little space as possible. Apart from bulk beds, you can decide to go for an option of having a bed with drawer which can be either used as a storage space, or it can contain a mattress for a second child to sleep on. This way you are using up the space only during sleep time.

Surrounding design. Whether you are buying entire children’s bedroom at the same time, or you are looking just for the bed, you need to keep in mind how all the furniture will work when combined together. Of course, the ideal scenario is that you can do the entire room at once, and then you have endless possibilities to choose from. Remember that we are talking about children’s room, so it has to have enough space for play and their other activities. So when choosing the right bed, you have to think of the entire room as a whole.