Curtains are used in most rooms within your home and yet their power is often underestimated. Changing a set of curtains can completely alter the look and feel of any room. The best curtains are those which emphasize the window and maximize the light while minimizing heat loss! Before making any purchases, make sure that you’ve settled on a budget. Invest in quality fabrics and make sure that the design and color chosen matches with the rest of your living area. Shades and curtains can have a great effect on your dining area. Apart from providing shade, they can transform your space entirely.

Modern Appeal

Modern appeal

Follow the latest trend or stick to a simple black and white strip, preferably horizontal, this will ensure your room has a modern vibe. Your room will look chic and sophisticated; they may even look like a work of art!


A relative simple room can easily appear like many other rooms, the furnishings may look like they come straight from a catalogue and the room may appear like many other people’s sitting rooms. However, if you add some eclectic curtains they will add a spice and flavor to the room, making it unique.

A dramatic look

Curtains do not need to pull to the side; they can be pulled to the middle, bunched and then allowed to flow in a straight line to the floor. This will create a dramatic, striking effect which will make any room feel like it belongs in a palace.

Feminine touch

Curtains can be plain, themed or chic. They can also be feminine. Flowers or frills are the obvious choices to make the room appear more feminine. This can ensure your room reflects you and the softer side of your personality. They can also help you to feel relaxed and comfortable; making them essential for the dining area.



Light or even sheer curtains can be hung from floor to ceiling and will still allow plenty of light into a room. They can be left hung even on the brightest of days and will create a classic, almost heavenly feel in your room. You are sure to find the room peaceful and serene.

Matching elements

Curtains are also an essential item for drawing all the parts of a room together. In fact, many interior designers suggest choosing the curtains first. It is easier to match colors to the curtains than to find curtains to match your color scheme. The right curtains will allow you to keep the room simply furnished; white, pale colors or even neutral colors can be on the walls and the main furnishings. The room can then be made to fit your current mood or the latest trends by simply changing the soft furnishings; including the curtains. The change will be noticeable and impressive!


The material you choose will make a huge difference to your room. Dark heavy material will limit the light but help to retain warmth; this can be an excellent choice in the winter to create a warm, cozy space. Alternatively you can change them in the spring to something lighter and brighter; helping to lift your spirits and allow the air to flow gently through the room.



Your budget will affect the type, style and quality of curtain you can purchase. The better the quality the longer they will last against sun damage; some curtains will fade very quickly in the sun. If you are concerned that your budget will not stretch to your preferred choice then you should either look for something similar which has been pre owned. Alternatively you can wait and purchase the curtains once you can afford them, the wait will make them eve, more special and worthwhile. It is not worth spending your entire budget on one set of curtains, no matter how well they can transform your room. It is almost certain that you will want to make a few other, smaller adjustments.

It is also worth considering alternative window coverings, such as blinds. This way your dining area will look truly amazing, and your guests will love coming over.

By Jason Phillips and!