Have you observed a creative or artistic bent in yourself? Do creative design ideas just pop up in your head once you see an empty space or jostle with the idea of making it better. These are signs that maybe a career in interior design can be lucrative for you. The term ‘Interior Design’ may lead you to visualise decorating a home space or an office space. But interior designing is not just restricted to residential designing or office spaces. 

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There is a plethora of options to divulge through interior designing.  Interior designing can end up being a very stimulating career when creative and innovative ideas are coupled with great management and communication skills. Interior designing has branched out into many specialisations. So you can choose from an array depending on your sensibilities. Here’s a look into the various career options in Interior Design.

Kitchen and Bath Design

One of the most talked about and upcoming specialisation to join the list is your kitchen and bath. Gone are the days when kitchen and bath design were minimalistic and simple. Today a client wants the ergonomics of his/her kitchen to be at par with style and comfort. In today’s jet setting life clients would desire a kitchen and bath design that is aesthetic and easy to work around especially the kitchen. Interior Designers are the missing link for new and improved kitchen and bath layouts covering safety and quality of the equipments.

Careers in Interior Design

Commercial Design

Commercial design includes the versatile job of improvising the spaces of a hotel, school, and health care including hospitals, clinics and medical offices. Doing up a retail store or any other public building is also an option.

Hospitality Design 

Hospitality design has its roots in commercial design. Design ideas to do with hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, clubs, resorts, theatres, spas and any other space offering such services.

Residential Design

Residential design job mainly includes planning the space of the living areas and bedrooms of a home. The job also includes working around the best colour schemes and materials to bring out the aesthetic values. Residential designers work towards designing the interiors of individual houses, apartments and weekend gateway homes.

Residential Remodelling

Remodelling can be a daunting task. Here the designer is not working with an empty space to work around things. The designer has to really get his/her creative bearing right to work around remodelling a space that already exists. There’s a lot of pre-planning and layouts to go through in order to co-exist with current dynamics of the space. Safe and aesthetically appealing designs are pre-requisite for a happy client.

Home Improvement Stores/Retail

There has been a surge of home improvement stores that cater to the demands of customers who have the initiative to design their spaces themselves. Interior designers can work with such stores in designing their layout and bringing out the next catalogue with latest designs.

Television Shows

As an Interior Designer you can share your home improvement ideas with your viewers as a consultant on a show. Creative design ideas that can work on budgets can become viral hits via the television medium.

Furniture Design

This is hands down one of the many creatively satisfying avenues. Furniture is always in vogue and every space demands one piece that speaks for itself. Interior designers can work with furniture stores to create new and safe furniture with recycled materials or come up with something completely out of the box.

Interior Design Career

Monetary Gains

In India depending on your employer and your experience you can earn from Rs 30, 000 to Rs. 40, 000 per month tops as an Interior Designer.

Interior designing is one career where monotony stays completely out. Every single client comes with a completely different expectation. Creativity is never compromised as you have to churn out better designs that speak volumes. Starting out initially can be demanding but once you have a made a reputation for your talent the perks are never ending. Self employment and consultancy is also a route to get your creative juices flowing and keeping the cash registers ringing. Being your own boss definitely ticks a box and gives a different kind of buzz.

There are many institutes that offer specialised courses in Interior Design. You have the option to choose from institutes like the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), Institute of Indian Interior Designers, INIFD, Parsons School of Design, Domus Academy to name a few.

Interior designing is no longer restricted to decorating or doing up a space. There are many specialised fields where you can put your interior designing skills to best use. If creative, improvising ideas clout your brain on seeing interior spaces maybe Interior Designing is the right way to go as a career.