You have checked the right boxes if your creative ideas and aesthetic sensibilities make you lean towards a career in Interior Design. These are just some of the pre-requisites to a flourishing career in Interior Design. Interior Design is no longer solely restricted to decorating a place. There is a gamut of options available if you have chosen to become an Interior Designer. There are many specializations that you can look into depending on your talent, creativity, capability and liking. If you are looking for some great exposure and garner experience along the way then Commercial Interior Designing is a branch that can turn out to be creatively satisfying. So what are these varied options available when pursuing Commercial Interior Designing? Here are few options to give you a better idea.

commercial interior designer

Retail – If you have the talent and creativity to design large and small spaces keeping in mind to highlight the necessary products and services. Then you can work your creative magic in places like malls, shopping centers, department stores, specialty stores, visual merchandising and showrooms.

Visual and Spatial Branding – Exploring your talent via media is something that gets your creative juices flowing. Then look no further as space is your muse while you are trying to make heads turn to a corporate brand and make it stand out. Spatial branding is an upcoming media tool used successfully for brand recognition. Creative visualization is in vogue.

Corporate – Creative and talented minds are always required when designing an office space. You could design interiors for businesses like private banks, multinational companies, and franchise stores to name a few.

Healthcare – It is one of the most upcoming fields keeping in mind the sudden surge of private hospitals in the country. Interior designers are required to plan the location, direction of rooms, placement of accessories and medical equipment in the required hospital setup. Designing jobs also include retirement homes, doctor’s clinics, physiotherapy centers, diagnostic centers, psychiatric institutions, specialized medical establishments to name a few.

Hospitality and Recreation – This is a field where the spaces speak for themselves for attention grabbing purposes. The design sensibilities have to be at par with the ambience the space provides to its customers. If you have an eye for decent interiors, decorative styles, pleasing accessories, artwork coupled with the knowhow of the latest and upcoming design trends then designing for budget motels, cafes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, health clubs, spas etc is way to go.

Construction Companies – Real estate has always been a revenue generating business. Construction companies being a major player here always requires the assistance of interior designers to come up with the latest living trends. Designing buildings, complexes, bungalows and its interiors with various construction companies can become a successful venture.

Industrial Facilities – Keeping in mind the safety measure and latest design trends doing up manufacturing and training facilities is an option. Apart from that import and export facilities are also lucrative avenues for Interior Designers.

Environmental Designing – Working in tandem with construction companies who care for their carbon footprint. Nowadays construction companies are working around designs inclusive of abundant space for greenery in the premises of the building. Interior designers are required to work out a creative and feasible plan with the space allotted for greenery keeping in mind aesthetic values.

Lighting Design – This specialization allows interior designer to work and design the lighting in interiors. These interior designers work with their knowledge of the types of lighting (ambient, ascent and task), the right amount of lighting needed in a specific room and the placement of the lighting equipments and sources.

Teaching – If sharing your knowledge to make thing better sounds good to you. You can also try your hand at teaching interior designing at private institutes or a university.

Self Employment – If none of the above avenues tick the right boxes and you feel your creative talent is underused. Being a freelancer or a consultant and practicing on your own is the way to go. You will have all the creative freedom to work on a specific budget and please your clientele with creative and unique design ideas.

Interior designing definitely makes it to the list of the most happening jobs in the country. Commercialization and matching up with latest design trends gives ample room for a commercial interior designer to explore their talent. Making inroads maybe difficult but zeroing upon the specialized field of commercial interior designing will enhance your creativity and talent to speak volumes for you. Happy clientele and the reputation that you build around it will also take you a long way. Creative satisfaction and bank balances will work in tandem with your specialized expertise. Options are galore chose the one that matches your creative sensibilities and good things will follow.