Various kitchen designs make the home owners so confused in deciding their favorite style for kitchen. Much information about kitchen ideas has to be searched and selected either in home magazine, TV, books, or internet. Although this step is simple and many people have been able to decide the choice, but there is also some people who precisely get worse in confused. Candice Olson kitchen design can be the best solution for those who are confused in selecting kitchen concepts. Various luxurious styles of kitchen design can be arranged as kitchen condition.

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Modern white kitchen color

White Candice Olson kitchen adds modern and contemporary sensation for the style. Pure white becomes the best choice to paint the kitchen wall. Clear glass and framed windows on two kitchen wall sides increase natural accent in this L shape kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are matched to white kitchen cabinets.Candice Olson white kitchen designsLarge glossy white countertop is located on the wood floor in the middle of room. Some unique modern chairs are arranged in a line in the external side of countertop as dining table.

Classic kitchen designs

Candice Olson white classic kitchen designsVarious kinds of white color cover the entire part of this classic Candice Olson kitchen design. Pure white color is applied on the kitchen wall and off-white color painted on the kitchen cabinets. Grey metal material covers the top part of this G kitchen cabinet arrangement. Big stainless steel smokestack located between off-white kitchen cabinets. The uniqueness part of this kitchen is space on the wall between the stove and its smokestack. Small black tiles with white border installed neatly on cooking area wall space. Grey stone color tiles also applied on the space between hanging cabinet and counter under it. It gives cool accent in this classic style kitchen design.

Candice Olson classic kitchen designs

Classic concept with corner cabinet in this Candice Olson kitchen design is very marvelous to be recreated as your own kitchen design. Classic with brown and white mosaic ceramic tiles installed on the kitchen floor and wall behind the stove is unique. White color with little cream shade on all of the kitchen cabinets gives old accent in this classic kitchen design. Stainless steel kitchen appliances between old look kitchen cabinet give little of modern touch in this kitchen. Curtain with white and brown motif is used as window and sliding glass door treatment in this kitchen.

Modern kitchen color

Candice Olson modern kitchen designsU kitchen style by Candice Olson is separated by sliding glass door on the kitchen corner. Dark brown wooden kitchen cabinets combined to stainless steel kitchen appliances to make this kitchen not too dark. There is large wooden countertop with grey marble top located in the middle. Curved shape of countertop in the left side is used as bar dining table with some modern stools arranged in front of it. Stainless steel stove set with its smokestack is installed on this middle kitchen counter, while the faucet is located on the middle of kitchen cabinet next to sliding door. Small square window installed on the wall behind the faucet to give additional natural daylight for this kitchen.

Small kitchen designs

Small Candice Olson kitchen designsKitchen ideas by Candice Olson also solve space problem for small kitchen condition. G shape kitchen style is selected to save the space. Floor to ceiling wooden kitchen cabinet covers the wall with its dark brown color which looks almost black under darker lighting. Light brown ceramic color tiles are installed as kitchen floor in this simple kitchen. The other side of room, a set of simple wooden dining table is located with four black plastic chairs surrounds it. Cream paint wall color looks suitable in this space saving kitchen design.