Triangle kitchen is actually a simple ways in designing kitchen which commonly applied in many houses with small space. This kitchen is identical with U shape or triangle shape which is set mostly in the kitchen corner. But a kitchen is not precisely has triangle shape to be called as triangle kitchen. U shape or L shaped kitchen also can be called as triangle kitchen if its three main areas of kitchen are arranged in triangle shape. In other word, the distant between cooking, cleaning, and storing area is not far or reachable to each other. This arrangement is usually called as kitchen work triangle.

Ideal criteria of triangle kitchen

  • Triangle kitchen usually designed to give easy line in doing some kitchen activities. Ensure to create this kitchen basic rule. So that there will not a distraction in the cooking line.
  • Currently there are many styles of countertop or kitchen cabinet which are made in triangle shape. For ideal criteria for this triangle countertop design, it should contain of at least a main kitchen area namely: cooking area such as: stove, oven, microwave, cleaning or preparing area such as: sink, and storage area such as: refrigerator.Main concepts of kitchen work triangle for small space
  • If the whole kitchen is formed as like triangle or in U shape. L or U kitchen cabinet set can be selected to suit this kitchen design. Besides this kitchen design is appropriate for small space kitchen, this design is also suitable for bigger kitchen space.

Tips in creating triangle kitchen design

  • If you have small or limited space for kitchen, try to find triangle countertop to be installed in the corner of the kitchen.
  • L and U shape are the best counter and kitchen set which can be selected to create triangle kitchen. These shapes are compatible for any size of kitchen. In this kitchen design you even can add a counter in the middle of V or L shape kitchen as preparation center or dining table.
  • Kitchen work triangle also can be created in U shape or corridor shape of kitchen design. It is based on the placement of three main kitchen areas in the kitchen design. For example: U shape with stove or cooking area located on a side and sink and refrigerator located in front of it with certain distant between them.
  • Island counter will be appropriate if it is applied in U kitchen shape with kitchen work triangle design.
  • Traditional, modern, or other style of material can be applied as desire.

Best triangle kitchen layout

Modern kitchen work triangle ideas with white color and glossy blackThe sample of triangle concepts in this modern kitchen is completed by triangle countertop which stuck on the wall. Actually the kitchen is formed in I shape which is installed close to the wall. But there is a countertop in the left side which made in semi triangle shape. This white counter with grey metal on the top contains of faucet as cleaning center and four stoves as cooking center on it. Two glass shelves are arranged vertically to store the spices in the right tip of this triangle counter. Stainless steel oven set is located next to it for other cooking center.