Kitchen is one of spots in your house that will be a target to decorate. Besides choosing good cabinetry which the design is in line with the concept you have, you need to have a thing that is more than decoration like wall decoration or paintings. Well, it does not mean that those can’t be set in your kitchen. You can keep doing that idea. However, you need to create a fresh thing with mesmerizing idea. This article will discuss about that original thing which can make your kitchen beautiful. But, that is more than decorations as well.

There are two concepts that should be elaborated more here. First, plants must need water to grow up. Second, when you dry your dish after using it, it may have much water in your drying rack. Those are combined to be a good design to decorate your house.

Dish Drying Rack with Planters 3Dish Drying Rack with Planters 4Design Libero is the company behind the scene of fluidity idea. He put some soils in the small dish drying rack. You will get some waters from the dish. Then, the rack is designed with a hole to connect the soil and the water from the dish.

Dish Drying Rack with Planters 1

Dish Drying Rack with Planters 2Dish Drying Rack with PlantersYou are able to put the plants near your dish washer. That will be a focal point there due to some plants. In addition, this rack is not big so you can put anywhere then. It is designed with white color. It highlights modern design stuff more besides the multifunctional features offered by it. Looking at the design, the plant is portable so that you are able to move it if you intend to clean the rack. How the plants can be alive then? Well, there are holes for the passage of the water at the bottom of the planters.

Dish Drying Rack with Planters 6Dish Drying Rack with Planters 5In this, you are able to plant any plants like herbs. Those are beneficial for your cooking as well. The most amazing thing is that you do not need to use soil here. Coconut fiber and the clay pellets are great for it. So, you do not need to try hard in cleaning the drying dish rack. You can keep the dish drainer base clean then. If you are interesting to make a brilliant functional decoration, you are able to try this idea. You will have greeneries in the kitchen without trying so hard in trimming and taking care of those plants. You can dry your dish after washing it then the plants will be alive with the water from the dish.