Every store especially clothes store always has several change rooms to facilitate the visitors and buyers. Lounge is an option to facilitate the visitors while waiting their friends who are using the change room. There are various interior designs of store featured with both the change room and lounge installation. It can be seen in this fashion outlet located in Mumbai, India where a unique chalice like change room and store lounge built in the center on the store.

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The whole boutique interior design of this unique chalice like change room and store lounge is very unusual with a huge building made as like chalice. This unique building was designed by Sameep Padora and Associates. Basically, it made as like a chalice with slim shape on the lower and large as like bowl on the upper level of this center installation lounge. If it is seen from lower side, it designed with zigzag style from front into back area in the store. While from the upper side, this unique building apply wavy accent on the right and left side.

Entrance Boutique Design IdeasBoutique Interior Design IdeasAs like a chalice, on the upper part of this unique chalice like change room and store lounge designed with half round shape lounge and change room. There are two semi – round change rooms located on the first floor and second floor of this unique chalice like building. While the other space on this building used as lounge area. C letter shape leather ottoman located in each half round nook of this lounge accommodates more than two standard weight people. Pure white is chosen to paint this unique chalice like change room and store lounge. Actually, this white color has main function in this rectangular fashion store.

Besides giving modern and luxurious accent on the store interior design, this white color also give bigger accent in this medium fashion store. Because of this huge unique building applied on the store center, the store looks crowded. So that is why the neutral color such as white is chosen to make this store larger instead of applying darker color on this unique chalice like change room and store lounge. The uniqueness of this center lounge building, there is no wall installation on the front side of second level as well as other area. This condition makes people standing under it can look who are sitting on above. A black metal handrail applied for safety spot in this area.