The present psychology is believed to be influenced by the colors. The application of colors around is you is inspiring and have made their place when it comes to interior design of homes. Same may be said about the wall hangings and their colors. But it will be true when I say that wall colors have taken an edge over them in the interior designers and decorator’s priority. There are various colors that can be selected by the owner since each color could have a different impact for the person who is selecting them.

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Painting blue seems ravishing for some, despicable for others. The first thing in this respect is the imagining or visualizing the effect it could have Here are some top blue bedroom interior designs you may apply:-

With refreshing light blue colored walls: Bedroom means a lot to almost everyone. It is one place everyone finds peace with. The refreshing light blue colored walls of the bedroom is refreshing and indeed versatile. It shall provide the feel of comfort within that space while looking extremely ravishing. The color is light and have cool feel about it.

Fresh and blue

Combination of white and blue 

Painting blue with white is also refreshing indeed. The boldness of the blue will be completely dependent on the home owner but suggesting the lighter tone would always be the best option since going for the bold will make the dark bolder and light totally overcame by former’s boldness.

Blue and white stripes bedroom

Incorporating blue colored stuff

 If you are artistic person and love having patterns on wall or inscriptions within the fabric, then the blue provides the best backdrop in such scenarios. In such cases, the blue generally does not have to be the wall color but this idea relates more with the important stuff around you. It can be the headboard, the plain wall with various paintings with bluish tone and the wall is painted white or any light color.

artistic blue

Play with curtain colors

Most of the people often go with a plain touch on their walls and that too in a lighter tone so as to make room for options that they can play with and change the overall feel of their bedrooms from time to time. In such scenarios, changing the curtains to light blue is indeed a workable and applicable option. The curtains, if are not heavy, will look even better. Lace curtains on the windows will look ravishing.

Blue lace curtains

Have darker walls

The dark looks does work in several ways. One such is the plain dark look. The dark looks in the industry of the interior designs ideas for homes has been attributed to the royalty and vintage feel. The darker shade offers the owner to play with the wall hangings and other aspects of the interior decor of the room.

Add antique furniture

One of the interior decorating ideas is to play with the furniture color while the walls are painted with fresh blue color. Since blue is elegant color, partnering this color with the antique furniture with that typical wooden shade will be unique and indeed will look very good

Blue Walls with antique furniture

Get some vibrant blue look

If you are vibrant and energetic person, then the shade of the blue in the solid teal is very effective and is just what the doctor ordered for you. It has that party feel to it and coupling it with the right toned furniture and other accessories will uplift the overall look of the room.


Dream drapes with light blue

The sky blue is most conventional color of all. The sky blue walls coupled with those white dreamy drapes helps bring heavenly feeling to the overall look of the room.


Ombre blue paitn

The ombre effect does not lag in this case as well. The blue ombre is refreshing. The blue can be meshed with another blue of a different tone or even with some other color.


Amazing blue room

The blue color can also help give the look of the room make more spacious and elegant.  Painting the wall blue with a window glass open and the blue of the sky adds a natural element that is unique and naturally refreshing.


Calming and warm blue design

A little powdered effect is not what we commonly see in most of the household. A pinch of blue may become the only pronounced effect in that room and still create that vibrancy you are looking for.


Design particularly for kids

Blue looks equally perfect for kids’ room just as it does for the adults’. The best thing about blue is you can play it with red, green and yellow and that charmingly effective.


Brown furniture with delicate powered blue

If blue is the theme, it does not necessitate the filling of the room with the blue altogether. Certain shades of blue in overall pearl white are what you need to cater for and it will look gorgeous in its own way.


Strategically incorporated blue accent

Sometimes the most unlikely colors create the magic that you don’t expect them to. It’s the brown of the furniture we are talking about with the accents of the blue in the background and the surroundings.