Black and white colors can be selected as primary color to make the modern nuance in the cooking area. Actually, besides this color composition is able to bright the kitchen, it also gives modern and luxurious design in a time. White as the primary color is often applied to walls, floor and ceiling, then black is used as an accent on sinks, cabinets or tables and chairs. This combination gives a broad impression of the kitchen. If black color more dominant will make the kitchen look more luxurious but it tends to narrow. There are numerous black and white kitchen decor which can increase different sensation in any kitchen style in you house.

The first sample of kitchen which uses black and white as color combination looks glamorous with black glossy metallic material on its dining table. This L shape kitchen style combines white wooden square tiles, stainless steel on the kitchen appliances such as: stove, oven, and smokestack, and glossy black metal which are applied beautifully on the kitchen cabinets. black and white kitchen designsGrey wall color on the ceiling and kitchen wall matches to the brown tiles on the floor with this black and white kitchen set.

black and white kitchen colorWhite leaves on black backdrop color motif wallpaper on a part of this kitchen wall increases the luxurious accent in this black and white kitchen. White is applied on the entire kitchen wall to create bright color effect in this kitchen. L shape of kitchen cabinets is covered by black color to contrast the wall and create modern accent in this kitchen. To beautify the black cabinets, grey metal and pure white color covers the top of cabinet.

black and white kitchen decor

Checkers style of floor in this kitchen looks stunning in black and white, furthermore those tiles are arranged in sideways position as like French floor style. Off-white color is applied on the entire of the kitchen wall and cabinets. But on the top part of the kitchen cabinets, black metal material installed to fit the checkers floor color. This narrow style of black and white kitchen creates unique sensation in both area in this room, kitchen and living room area.

black and white kitchen ideasClean and mirrored black and white kitchen is attractive to be own. Clean white of big ceramic tiles are arranged properly on the kitchen floor. Other white color also applied on the entire of the kitchen wall. There are U shape kitchen cabinets either hanging or standing kitchen cabinet. The hanging cabinet is painted in white color as like the wall, while the standing kitchen cabinet is painted in black color to make it contrast. To adding futuristic accent in this kitchen, kitchen counter and open shelf on the other wall side made of stainless steel.

black and white kitchen designs ideasShaded glass kitchen cabinets are found in this black and white kitchen. L shape kitchen style is arranged with white long kitchen counter in the middle kitchen. This counter contains of stove set with its smokestack and bar style of dining table. Two large kitchen cabinets with shaded glass to display the storage stuffs are covered by black color. White color also covers the top part of the counter on the kitchen cabinet.

black and white small kitchen designsThis U shape kitchen style has double dining table in it. One of the white dining table stand separately with four chairs surround it, while the other dining table is in bar style and connected with the faucet and stove set. All of kitchen furniture in this black and white kitchen is colored in white color included the wall and floor. Black color in this kitchen found on the large cabinet on the center wall and hanging kitchen cabinet on the other wall.

modern black and white kitchenClassic accent is clear created in this black and white kitchen design. The classic style found on many frames windows installed in this kitchen to let day light come in. The entire of the wall and kitchen cabinets are colored in white, while black marble covers the top part of kitchen counter. Wood floor in this kitchen complete the neutral color applied in this kitchen.