RoomSketcher isn’t just a tool for interior designers to show clients their ideas – it can be used to design your own spaces, to help friends and family plan the layout of a new nursery, for architects to show the blueprints in a more user-friendly way, for builders to show their clients how their extension will really look in relation to their home; essentially, RoomSketcher is a great tool that has changed the way we all create interiors and buildings.

Here we’re going to look at ten fantastic ways to use the software.

The first is one of the more obvious ways – but it shows how clever RoomSketcher is when it comes to designing layouts – because not only does it show the layout of the rooms, it includes the key pieces of furniture and shows how those rooms can be used and designed.

interior design software floor plan tool roomsketcher

Here you can see the programme in use – and all the many options for fine-tuning your design. RoomSketcher is so user friendly, it’s simple to incorporate designs, furnishings, colours and patterns, and try out bold styling before taking the plunge in real life.

interior design software in use

Check out this super cute nursery, trying out a bold animal print wallpaper and some cute, modern furniture in a small room.

roomsketcher design showing super cute nursery

And this fantastic older kid’s room is a great example of trying out different colours and creating a cool, functional room.

kids study room sketcher

This RoomSketcher design shows a living room where the great texture of a large rug is set at a unique angle, and a cosy fire has been added to really create a lifelike feel, letting the clients really understand what their new room will be like to live in.

room sketcher design shows a living room

This amazing bathroom created in RoomSketcher has a quirky bath, modern sink area and a striking wallpaper on the back wall that would be difficult to picture without the programme; this allows you to try out bold choices and see they work before spending time and money trying it in real life.

room sketcher showing a bathroom idea

You can even create really fine detail and add in furnishings, cushions, fabrics, textures and add room-dressings to really and truly picture a new built in before the building begins.

room sketcher showing furnishings, cushions, fabrics ideas

And it isn’t just inside that the programme can help you to design. Take a look at this fantastic garden created in RoomSketcher.

fantastic garden created in room sketcher

And what about this amazing step-by-step of a unique garden room being designed.

unique garden room

Builders can even create whole streets, complete with landscaping, to show how a new development might look when it’s completed.