Many houses have gathering spot at least in a room like living room where all family members can share and tell their stories to others. Besides living room as gathering spot in the house, kitchen also can be used for gathering spot in the house. It can be seen in this French country kitchen by Wilson Kelsey Design team which consists of Sally Wilson and John Kelsey. French country accent is really reflected in this kitchen with brick walls applied on the entire kitchen wall. The cabinetry install in this kitchen are specifically made to hide most kitchen appliances.

French Country Kitchen 904French Country Kitchen 905Generally, this square kitchen is designed in U letter shape style with two large cabinetries are located to face each other on the right and left wall side. The base cabinetry where the faucet and sink located is installed on the middle wall. Two French styles of windows installed on the middle wall in front of sink. Those unique windows have wooden green leaves applied in the internal side of kitchen. All of the cabinetry are made of solid wood and colored in dark brown natural wood color. But a cabinetry located in the right side where the stoves located is painted in black. Some dark colors applied in this kitchen make it felt warm and typically reflect the kitchen in French rural area.

French Country Kitchen 901

French Country Kitchen 903There are two rectangular islands applied in the middle kitchen. One of them used as food preparation area and other used as gathering spot. The gathering spot is designed as like a dining table with two chairs arranged in the outer part of U shaped kitchen. Well, you can say it as breakfast area in this French country kitchen. Next to this breakfast island, you can find a classic dining table made of solid wood with two chairs and a couple seat installed on a cabinetry. This cabinetry where the old fashioned sofa installed looks stylish. There are porcelain plates hung on the middle backsplash of the cabinetry.

French Country Kitchen 907French Country Kitchen 908An antique chandelier is installed above this dining table. There is other antique chandelier which is hung above the sink in front of the windows. French country accent in this French country kitchen is reflected by toile look on the backsplash of the stoves cabinetry. The toile look is made of some chic tiles with some maroon pictures which represent about the rural sense of French. Stainless steel stove and oven complete the interior design of this French country kitchen. Classic fireplace is located in the right side in front of the dining table to create warmth accent in this French country kitchen. Other wooden cabinetry next to this fireplace participates to add the rural accent in this kitchen.

French Country Kitchen 906A big mirror hangs on the wall above the fireplace wider this adorable brown kitchen. Let’s come back to the stove area. On the nook of kitchen specifically next to the sink and stove, you will find pots rack installed on the wall. The recessed lighting on the ceiling give bronze accent reflected on some stainless steel pots hanging on the rack.