Bathroom wall decals have the same function as wallpaper or tiles in the other room of the house. As wall decoration is one of wall decals function especially if it is applied in the bathroom to create unusual accent in this cleaning area. Water is an element which dominates the bathroom, as many kinds of things related to water, blue is the suitable color with this element. Other color or theme also can be applied in the bathroom, since bathroom is a place where we can enjoy and relax after doing numerous activities in a day. To select the wall decals for bathroom, it has to be suited to the bathroom theme, color, or the purpose of wall decals installation.

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Wall decals for fresh atmosphere in bathroom

Bathroom is a place which always wet and musty. This private room is commonly built closed without any window to support the body cleaning privacy. Fresh atmosphere is an ambience which people usually want to felt it in their bathroom. This atmosphere can be created by applying natural or sea themed bathroom wall decals. Firstly, the bathroom theme must be decided so that the wall decals can fit the theme easily. Try to think about something fresh such as: ice, forest, beach, sea, mountain, and other fresh scenery to be applied as bathroom theme.Sea blue bathroom wall decals

Various colors of wall paint are the best to be fit with the wall decals. For example beach scenery is the bathroom theme. Blue color on the entire wall should be the best, use big mural or wall decals of beach scenery on a wall behind the bath tube to create fresh atmosphere in the bathroom. You can fit the theme by installing sand motif on the bath tube or put some beach accessories in the bathroom.

Bathroom wall decals quotes

Why is it called as quotes wall decals? It is because the wall decals only applied on a small part of the wall as like a quotation. This bathroom wall decals quotes can be applied to enrich the wall decoration. There are numerous image, motif, and art of wall decals which are suitable for the bathroom color composition. If there is only a color on the entire bathroom wall, stick the big wall decals such as: cartoon character, funny animal, flower, or other big mural on the wall near the bathroom vanity, shower area, or bath tube. If two color combination is applied on the bathroom wall, for example: white and black that arranged to part the wall, this kind of quotes wall decals should be suitable.

Bathroom quotes wall decals for kidsTry to choose abstract or simple wall decals motif in order to the crowded accent does not happen in this bathroom. Different or maybe the same color as the bathroom color combination can be selected as desire. The more color you apply, the more unique bathroom you will get.

Furnishing on the bathroom decoration

Green minimalist bathroom wall decals

Wall decals installation is the best solution to complete the bathroom wall decoration. Beside it is provided in various unique motifs, sizes, and colors, wall decals are suitable in any kind of bathroom design. It is based on the bathroom theme and whether the bathroom color can blend to the wall decals color or not. For simple and modern bathroom decoration, smaller size of bathroom wall decals will be appropriate. Try to apply not too much on the wall so that beautiful accent can appear. Smaller size of abstract wall decals can be stuck on the entire of the wall or it also can be stuck on a side of wall as the furnishing.

Bathroom wall decals for kids

Bathroom wall decals for kidsFor bathroom kids, funny bathroom wall decals with various colors and shape might be gives much inspiration for the kids. As everybody knows, kids can grow well with their environment. Creating much inspiration for them can be the great choice to help they growing better. Full wall decals on the bathroom wall based on kid deciding theme will help the parent to décor their kid bathroom. Sea live wall decals with deep blue color and some sea animals and plants on it will create good imagination for the kid, since it is applied on the bathroom where much water can be found. Try to apply bathroom accessories with sea touch to complete the theme.