Today not only window that needs a treatment, but a door also need a kind of treatment to decorate and cover it especially for framed wall door and wooden glass framed door. Many curtain designs could be selected to be applied as door treatment either it only covers a certain part or the entire part of door. One of curtain type is beaded curtains. Various materials which are chosen to make this beaded door curtains should be decided. Artistic with natural touch would be gotten by wooden beaded curtains, while stylish and modern accent would be gotten by colorful plastic beaded curtain. And now read some stuff to get the best curtains for your door.

Bamboo beaded door curtains

bamboo beaded door curtainsBamboo is identical with China and panda. This kind of wood could be designed as creative as possible. In addition currently there are numerous styles which are found created with green bamboo motif on the curtain surface. This motif style will appear when the beaded hung close each other so that unique connected motif displayed. Commonly bamboo beaded door curtains is made to cover the entire door frame, and it has flexible movement which will not disturb someone who pass it over. Natural color options should be the best choice to create natural accent in the house.

Wooden beaded door curtains

wooden beaded door curtainsVarious kinds of wood material are compatible to be used as beaded curtains main material. Besides there are some wood types which are lightweight, various colors are also could be applied to fit your home interior design. As like bamboo, wooden beaded curtains also could be designed to display unique motif when it is installed together. This wooden beaded is typically made in circle, tube, even square shape with a string hole on the top and bottom. In order to can create unique pattern when they are hung together, they have to make carefully with appropriate measurement and amount.

Glass beaded door curtains

glass beaded door curtains

Clear glass which designed in circle and dropped water shape looks so adorable to cover door frame between living room and dining room area. This kind of beaded door curtain commonly made of real glass with transparent string to connect them. But today there is the similar look of glass beaded curtains which designed less of weight and money, crystal plastic is great choice to replace the real glass material. In addition, there is also crystal plastic material which is heavy as like as the real glass to create luxurious accent on the door.

How to make homemade beaded door curtains?

Beaded door curtains would be more impressing if it made by your self. If you are a kind of free person who has much spare time in the house, try to make homemade beaded curtain. Nowadays, various creative tutorial books of making beaded accessories included curtain are easy to find in any book stores. You can choose one or more of this book which offer the tutorial to make stylish beaded curtain as desire. Then you can purchase the material like beads, glue, scissor, string, wire, and others in special accessory store.