Decorating kid bedroom seems to be quite hard process to do. In fact, there are many kid bedroom interior decorating ideas which are available to choose and apply following your kid personality and characters. Generally, decorating room in the house is simple by considering appropriate application of the furniture and wall decor idea according to the room space. Wall paint in various colors seems to be enough for certain room, but it can not work better in the kid room without any specific theme support it. Batman bedroom decor may be perfect idea for boys’ room.

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Batman is legendary superhero which commonly appears under the black costume and mask. This superhero is inspired by bat which always operates at night to destroy the crime. This strong superhero character becomes popular since its comic transforms into superhero movies. No wonder that everybody either kids or adult really love Batman as their favorite superhero rather than Spiderman, Iron man, and many more. So why don’t you install the Batman for your kid’s bedroom?

Batman bedroom inspiration

Batman Bedroom DecorIf someone prefers to apply specific character as home interior decor concept, he or she should find the most impressive thing comes with that character. Batman is identical with the costume. It comes in black long coat on his shoulder, tight costume for top and bottom, boots, and bat mask covering ¾ of his face. There is Batman logo on his chest in yellow and black color scheme. Well, yes, costume and logo can be the most impression thing comes with Batman character. So try to apply both costume even full Batman character and the logo in the room to support the Batman bedroom decor concept. Other alternative for Batman character theme in the boys’ room is city scenery in night scene.

Batman BedroomBatman always appears at night to destroy the crime. He benefits high technology to help him out when the enemy attack. Nowadays, there are many wall decorative items which are specifically designed in Batman theme. You can install wall decals and murals to decorate the Dark Knight bedroom decor. Choose center wall that usually located behind the bed as wall decorative item installation place. This area will be great focal point in the bedroom. Bold or dark color scheme typically dominates the bedroom, but don’t forget for yellow color because it’s also the typical of this hero. Black, grey, and bold blue are perfect to support this cool superhero creation.

Batman accessories

Nowadays, there are many furniture manufactures which specifically designed specially for kid bedroom include the accessories for Batman themed bedroom. Generally, kid bedroom should involve some furniture products such as bed, wardrobe, bedside, study desk, and cabinetry. Those furniture products are specifically installed with Batman character pattern or other equipment such as the bat logo, cars or costumes . You can theme to follow your kid bedroom interior decor concept including the dominant color scheme, space and room condition. Choose dark color for the furniture to contrast brighter color schemes.