Enjoying a bath is a matter of pleasure. And there is something luxurious about it.  Not only because of the space you need for a bathtub, but also because of the time you have to spend taking a bath. But if you are addicted to it, there is no reason not to fulfill your enjoyment with a complete interior design with your bathtub in the center of it. Here are some perfect examples of breathtaking bath enclosures and reasons why to upgrade your shower room into a real bathing room.

bathtub enclosures


Yes, bathtubs could be a bathing room, literally. Consider a tub a bed and provide everything needed on the walls around you, at the reach of your hand. Add some shelves for books, gadgets, magazines, drinks, candles; whatever may keep you relaxed (if water is not enough for you). Do not forget the bathing products, and towels.

alcove enclosures with shelves


Shelves should give you the opportunity to have all the stuff you need around you, so you wouldn’t have to exit your new room as much as you enjoy. Make sure you organize your space with window, and the entrance arc, that will make your room official. The façade of your bathing space should be irresistible, just to remind you that you can have half an hour a day just for yourself.

stone enclosures


Variations are countless. For those with more adventurous spirit, try to design a space you enjoy most. It could be a cave, a beach or a top of a mountain. If you go for a rustic design make your tub a central place in the bathroom, in terms of decoration. A baldachin space can divide it from the rest of the bathroom and you could also create a room in a room effect if you construct one in combination of wood with stone facade.

paneled enclosure around bathtub


The bathing space can also equally be a part of your bedroom as your bed. Add a bath into the window space and for your privacy, leave the curtains. Consider it as a part of the room. It shouldn’t be separated form the whole interior design. In this way, it will be a discreet element of the room. Wooden sides of the tub and the floor in stone or ceramics will join the functions of bathing and resting into a gathered space.

bathroom enclosed with frameless glass


In a more contemporary than classical example a bath is placed into a space enclosed with frameless glass. You could simply have a shower, in this small shower room. If you like it better, and have enough space, you could place a tub into a bigger room, and also place shower heads in the wall aside. Frameless glass is great separation panel; just make sure to attach shower door seals properly.

elegant wooden enclosures

If you have a corner tub, make your space more interesting with the steps attached to it. Those could be great for placing supporting thing you need while bathing and some candles for the atmosphere. Make sure the surface of the steps is rough to prevent slipping.