Bathroom is a place where you get more privacy in cleaning activity and leave any dirty things off your body. Gallons water will be found in this room whether in the closet, bathroom vanity, shower, and bathtub. For this condition, bathroom wall must be water resistant to ensure it does not mess your bathroom interior. Bathroom wall tiles are perfect solution for this requirement. Besides tiles material such as: ceramic, porcelain, marble, limestone, glass, granite, and so on are water resistant and easy to clean, you can create as beautiful as possible for the bathroom design.

Floral motifs

Combining bathroom wall tiles with common painted wall looks attractive to be created. Deep blue wall paint color is elegant covering the wall behind luxurious white bathtub which arranged horizontally. Bathroom Wall TilesThere is another wall built in front of deep blue wall, floral bathroom wall tiles are installed on this wall. The type of tiles used in this luxurious bathroom is Floral Damask White with 4T panel and 8T panel arranged on the middle wall.

Classic beige wall tiles

Classic Beige Bathroom Wall TilesThere is a wall design combination in this classic bathroom between bathroom wall tiles and solid painted wall. Beige is the color theme in the bathroom. The wall design in this bathroom is simple but unique. The Murano Beige tiles and beige painted wall application are set randomly. A bathroom wall where bathroom vanity and closet installed is parted into two and tiles application is located on the half lower part of wall. Other wall where rectangular bathtub is located, the entire of wall in this are is covered by Murano Beige tiles with unique arrangement with mini square holes located in the middle wall near the bathtub.

Modern grey ideas

Modern Bathroom Wall Tiles

There are two kinds of bathroom wall tiles arranged on the wall in this bathroom. The first wall tiles are made of ceramic with grey color for exotic accent in this modern bathroom. This Zamora Grey tiles are installed on the entire floor and some part on the bathroom wall. The dimension of these grey ceramic tiles is 30 cm x 30 cm. Other tiles design which is smaller than the previous tiles is made of glass. This Ice Cube tiles style is about 15 mm x 15 mm of dimension. It applied on certain bathroom wall part such as: wall behind vanity, wall kits, and shower area.

Metallic mosaic tiles

Metallic Bathroom Wall TilesThe last bathroom wall tiles ideas is really rare to be found in any bathroom design. Brick arrangement style would create classic twist on the bathroom. But this brick style consists of two glossy colors such as: copper and metallic grey which are arranged randomly. These brick mosaic tiles are installed on the entire bathroom wall. It would be appropriate to be combined with metallic element applied on the bathroom vanity, mirror, or window. Glossy white classic bathtub, closet, and sink, would be matching this copper and metallic bathroom wall tiles.