Remodeling project sometimes is done to recreate a room which has been not attractive, old, fussy, even worse than the original appearance. Especially for bathroom where some people create some creative decoration such as by applying unique wallpaper, wall decals, and strange bathroom furniture shape but it is failed. The following are some easy bathroom remodeling tips to help you decide the appropriate thing to renew your old bathroom.

Bathroom wall remodeling

  • Bathroom wall is the most important part in the bathroom which is often touched by water and soap. To make this part always clean, try to replace painted wall into ceramic tiles on the entire wall or a half part of the wall. It is because ceramic tiles are easy to be cleaned only by brushing it with little liquid cleaner, the dirty spot will disappear.
  • For ceramic tiles color, it is depending on your new remodeled bathroom design. It is better to choose neutral color such as white for smaller space of bathroom.

    wall bathroom remodeling

  • Try to not apply wallpaper with many small motifs especially wallpaper with various colors joined together, this wallpaper surely will make your bathroom look crowded even worse. It is better to not apply any wallpaper in the bathroom.
  • If you want to apply wallpaper, choose soft color with maximum two color composition on the motif. Then apply it on the upper part on the wall for example a quarter part near ceiling. Apply it on a side of wall would be perfect.
  • Wood or molding wall is also recommended to be applied on a part of bathroom wall.

Bathtub/shower remodeling

  • Actually the old bathtub and shower are still can be used. White color bathtub or stainless steel shower would be suitable with various colors so don’t throw them away; reapply them on your new remodeled bathroom.
  • Shower are commonly has its own space for some larger bathroom. If you want to remodel it, simply change the appearance around it such as: wall, floor, ceiling, shower curtain, or replace the glass wall with new style glass wall.

Bathroom vanity remodeling

green bathroom remodeling ideas

  • Bathroom vanity commonly made with sink installed on the top of it and even installed mirror. If it is still fit the new bathroom design, just directly use it as the previous arrangement.
  • You can give some improvement touch on it such as: adding a vase of flower or replace the mirror string with ribbon, and other simple improvement. Ensure your creativity will not break the new bathroom concept.
  • If you want to do an advance improving like replacing the wood top surface with marble or replacing the old sink with new style, find professional person who can help you to recreate your bathroom vanity.
  • If it is made of wood, it is easier to be changed by repainting it with new color as your new bathroom decoration ideas.
  • Mirror also can be remodeled. If the previous mirror is unframed, you can add new frame surround the bathroom mirror and paint it with suitable color to beautify the new remodeled bathroom.