Barn style homes are not only a trend. They are pleasant to live in and keep us connected with nature and tradition. More and more, people are buying even old barn kits and turning them into pleasurable homes. They could be even transferred to a different place so don’t give up if you admire patina wood looks, or they could be made form a scratch. If you would like to implement some barn design into your own interior, go for it! It is a contemporary solution to combine styles, and barn wood is perfectly combined with concrete, for example, and other plain surfaces.

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barn bathroom design


Use some barn design knowledge to decorate your bathroom. For a rustic impression leave the wood beams roughly finished. When it comes to the furniture, make it simple. The more natural looks and lighter colors will work better for a real barn style impression. If you want some darker shades, floor is perfect. It will even more emphasize the look of poles from the walls and furniture. Use a simple flat mirror without frame to keep a pace with flat walls and simple design.

cozy wooden box bed


If you live in a typical house, you could make a barn for your bed. Use the attic for this to make a house in a house. Make a platform and put a bed in it. Actually, you would need only a mattress. Make a wooden façade, and a white interior. The product you receive is a place where you awake rested for sure.

ceiling with wooden beam


Visible construction is always breathtaking for the true admirers of architecture. Not only that you will have a high ceiling with this solution, but also valuable decoration elements in your interior design. Always try to keep the natural colors of the wood, no matter how strong you wanted to paint them in color.

sliding barn doors


Perfect combination with natural wood is with white and beige furniture. The same is for the wall paint. Keep the furniture simple and do not tend to overcrowd the space. The construction has a strong visual effect already. If you want to add some colors, use only one for the accent. Brown could be perfect, but you can be free to pick one you enjoy. Just remember- one.

No typical modern pole barn can be imagined without a sliding door. The combination of steel and wood gives power to this view. There are no reasons why not to apply this kind of door into a modern interior. It is great as a dividing space solution and could highlight any interior design. This is one of rare elements that could be painted in black and places no interior without double thoughts.

barn style lighting fixture


To complete your barn designs, use typical barn style lighting fixtures. Everything is a matter of simplicity in designing a barn home interior. No classical chandeliers will do the job. Use charming barn fixtures, and choose colors in the color of the barn wood from the walls. If you keep the wood natural, you can pick a color you like. For a transparent impression we suggest chromic fixtures.