Bamboo bathroom vanity, if you heard it you would imagine the bathroom vanity made by bamboo material. Some of these bathroom vanities are truly made from bamboo and colored as its bamboo material, brown or golden yellow, currently bamboo bathroom vanities are found in various color options which can be suited to the bathroom decoration ideas. This bamboo dress table would give fresh accent in the bathroom with brown color on the entire part or green color spot on it. There are numerous models of bamboo vanity which can be applied in the bathroom. This various models make us able to choose the most suitable bamboo vanity according our bathroom styles, colors and size.

Tips on choosing bamboo bathroom vanity

Bathroom size and shape in each of house is different. The color on the bathroom wall is also important to decide the vanity especially if the owners do not want to repaint their bathroom. Below are some tips in selecting bamboo bathroom vanity for your bathroom decoration.
Green bamboo bathroom vanity ideas

  • Choose the bamboo bathroom vanity which is suitable to the bathroom shape and your budget. For small bathroom, single bathroom vanity would be appropriate to be installed. For the medium to large sized bathroom, lengthwise single bamboo vanity or double vanity would be suitable in the master bathroom.
  • There are many kinds of bamboo vanity style. If you like classical style, choose long brown bamboo vanity which provides shelves in it to store bath tools. Some of bathroom vanity with sink have open lower shelf under the sink. This style is simple and cheaper than other. Other style is hanging bamboo bathroom vanity which create modern nuance in the bathroom.
  • Sink or faucet usually has become a package on the bathroom vanity. Bamboo is special material which can be matched with any material of sink. Sink material such as: glass, ceramic, granite, and other can be formed in various shapes on the bamboo vanity. Its color also can be suitable with classic bamboo color: pale black, yellow and golden brown.
  • Mirror is compulsory thing in the bathroom for make up, cleaning, or other bath purposes. Numerous shapes of mirror can help to complete the decoration of bathroom. Square mirror is classic shape which can be hanged above the bamboo bathroom vanity. Suit the mirror size with the vanity to make it in properly position. Circle, oval, and other uncommon shape are also available to create unique schemes for the bathroom vanity. For mirror coloring, natural wood color in mirror and vanity would be harmony.

Bamboo bathroom vanity caring tips

Everything in the house needs maintenance especially your bamboo bathroom vanity. It’s very crucial because because the furniture is frequently exposed to water splashes so prone to mold or make the color becomes dull. The following are some simple tips to maintain the bamboo bathroom vanity.

  1. Wet cloth is simple tool to clean the surface of vanity and mirror. For the sink or faucet, clean it by brushing it under flowing water.
  2. Before purchasing the bamboo bathroom vanity, try to choose the trusted manufacture which usually gives a guarantee for any damage problem of the vanity. So that you can solve the problem when there is damage on your bamboo bathroom vanity.

Modern green bamboo bathroom vanity

Green bamboo bathroom vanity with unique mirror frame

Modern bamboo bathroom vanity built-in extra rack for saving space

Modern bamboo bathroom vanity built-in extra drawer and rack for more storage space

Green always look fresh and natural wherever this color there included in the bathroom. Hanging long bathroom vanity is installed horizontally; it is parted into two parts: shelf cabinet and large white sink. Three tall cubicles are arranged horizontally above the shelf cabinet for decoration. Above the large sink, a big circle mirror is hanged with bamboo leaves image on the border. The entire of this bamboo bathroom vanity is light green with bamboo leaves image on the cabinet surface and the mirror frame to clarify the bamboo theme.