Built-in wardrobes can solve a number of storage problems that you might be facing. Storage issues arise every few months, particularly when the seasons change. We are often left wondering where to store our winter clothing when spring arrives. Similarly, we face storage problems for our shoes and accessories, throughout the year. This problem becomes critical particularly for those people that have limited space in their homes because bulky storage furniture units do not offer viable solution to their storage problems.
The biggest advantage of built in wardrobes is that they are affixed in your bedroom and look like a permanent feature of your interior decor. Fitted wardrobes create balance and harmony in the layout of your room and make it look beautiful. The size of your wardrobes depends upon the area of your room and your requirements of storing your clothing. It is important that the fitted wardrobes you choose for your room have enough storage for your clothing.
Built in wardrobes are essential for your bedroom because there is no other way to store your clothing that creases easily. To maximize space illusion in your bedroom, you can choose built in wardrobes with sliding doors. This is an awesome wardrobe design idea that will help you make your bedroom space more efficient and functional.

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The sliding doors of this in built wardrobe have a shutter design, which looks very elegant and sleek. The cabinets built overhead can be used to store bulky items. This built in wardrobe has been built on a slightly raised platform, which sets it apart from the bedroom. Built in wardrobe designs can be complemented by such features to make it look more beautiful and functional.

Wardrobe designs are numerous and as such, they cater to diverse requirements of people. Built in wardrobes are usually as high as the ceiling, which maximizes its storage capacity.


One such awesome built in wardrobe designs is a multi functional fitted wardrobe that covers an entire wall. The central section is an open display shelf, while on its either side there are two tiers of wardrobes for hanging clothing. On the far extremes of this built in wardrobe are shelves and drawers for storing folded pieces of clothing or accessories. This kind of built in wardrobe can be shared by a couple because each gets an exclusive section of the wardrobe.

The most striking feature of built in wardrobes is that they can be built in dead spaces of your bedrooms. For this purpose, customized built in wardrobes can be made to fit a specific dead space like an unused corner or to cover a huge window, if you have too many windows in your room.


This built in wardrobe covers three walls in U-shape and each segment caters a specific purpose. The front part of this fitted wardrobe partially covers a full size window, thus allowing natural sunlight to pour in the bedroom. The glazed doors of the wardrobe reflect the sunlight and illuminate the area naturally. Wardrobe designs like these have open shelves for easy access and display. Casual and everyday wear clothing can be hung in the open wardrobe section; similarly, shoes can be stored on the shoe shelves. The glazed-door wardrobe can be used for formal or out of season clothing; while the cabinet above the open wardrobe can be used to store blankets or comforters etc. This is an example of awesome wardrobes that are multifunctional and user-friendly as well.

The doors of built in wardrobes can serve aesthetic purpose also.


Notice how square and rectangular shaped mirrors make this wardrobe design awesome. Apart from looking beautiful, the mirrors also help in creating an illusion of space in a relatively small bedroom by reflecting natural sunlight. Patches of mirror look better than covering the entire door-panels with mirrors. This wardrobe design is simple yet beautiful, as it is set against a matching wooden-tiled floor. The color play of white and light brown gives this bedroom a soft and warm look.

You can have the luxury of having walk-in wardrobes if you have a fairly large bedroom.

This luxurious looking built in wardrobe can store all your clothing and accessories easily. The variable heights for hanging clothing of different lengths give much relief to its owners who do not have to worry about getting their dresses creased. The multiple drawers and shelves come in handy for diverse storage needs.

Built in wardrobes can transform the looks of your room and take care of your storage problems even in limited spaces.