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Uniqueness of Folded Plane House by Atrium Architects

You certainly can not imagine the style of this house located on the hill top near Moscow, Russia. This folded plane house is designed by Atrium Architects for a new couple with a kid. The concept of this house is very unique with G letter shape when it is seen from the front. Actually, the reason why this house named as the Folded Shape House because the whole house building design looks complicated as like folded paper plane. But from this unique design you will surely find such sophisticated atmosphere. This Folded Plane House is designed in two floors...

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Modern Working Space with Greenhouse Concept Featuring a Unique Table

Modern office is so out of box in choosing a concept for modern working space. Updates design is used to make the room cozier and more conducive for working. It makes the workers get easy in finding inspiration for their job. If you are interested in finding a good concept for your own office, there is a good building in Riga, one of districts in Latvia to adopt. The concept applied in the entire room is so amazing here. The designer working for OpenAD implement a greenhouse model in the working space. With wide glass window, where the workers...

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5 Fantastic European Kitchen Design Ideas

European design typically comes with classic and elegant accent that appear on the whole interior room design. As like in London, France, and other Europe countries commonly apply simple interior design theme but it still looks glamour though it only uses ordinary furniture and accessories. Most of theme use the shabby chic furniture to decorate some spots in the room and use smooth paint colors. Below are some samples of European kitchen which are beautiful to be applied on your kitchen. Modern design for luxury house The first modern European kitchen design has so modern look on its whole...

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Cool and Funny Monkey Wall Decals for Nursery

Monkey wall decals are a kind of popular wall decal motive that kids love. Its function is like wallpapers which can be patched on the room wall. The difference of wall decals is that it is not cover the whole surface of the wall like wallpaper. It is patched on the wall as big as the printed character on it. It is almost the same like a sticker but in larger size. These wall decals can be applied in any room in the house. One of monkey wall decals describes a cute monkey which is hanging in flip over...

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Butcher Block Table

When you wanna to make butcher block table, a good plans should be done to make your functional butcher block table with clearly durability and quality. Butcher block table is specifically created to accommodate a specific working place in cutting and slicing meat. Currently you can find many butcher block tables that combined with any kitchen appliances such as microwave and some drawers. Below are simple steps to make your own butcher block table easily at home. Butcher block table materials Wood Sand paper Water resistant wood glue Mineral Oil or Olive Oil Saw Clamps How to make butcher...

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