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Modern Wall Mount Fireplace Design by Cocoon Fire

Many houses in Europe or America typically apply a fireplace though it only used on winter. Fireplace is really helpful to warm your house either large or small. Basically, there are various styles of fireplace is created today, most of them have classic design but in smaller version and different material. This classic or usual design of fireplace typically not compatible for tiny house even studio apartment. For several terms especially houses with small space, kind of this usual fireplace design is difficult to apply. This difficulty is located on the space provided in the house. Most ordinary styles...

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Space Saving Bookshelf and Reading Corner by Paradny Kalomidi

This great spot is such unique and perfect reading corner ideas to save your room space. This kind of bookshelf and lounge combination product is designed by Paradny Kalomidi. It is made to solve so many space problems which usually happened in such small house and apartment. Many people who really love reading commonly always choose common bookcase or bookshelf that usually precisely reduces the space in living room or home office. That common bookshelf and bookcase application have not involved lounge chair or reading bench yet. So that is why this space saving reading corner is really recommended...

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Creative and Unique Air Plant Pods Design

Air plant pods will give an elegance ambience in the home interior. Besides it does not need much water, it also does need soil to plant it, it is because its leaves can store much water and nutrients. This plant pods is usually known as Tillandsia. They can live in about 32° C – 10° C, some species with thicker leaves can live under 10° C. So it will appropriate as house decoration if the owners demand tidiness and clean plant pods. There are numerous model and design of plant pods which can be placed on the table, stick...

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Social Network Pillows for Unique Decorations

Social network becomes popular thing where everybody stays connect to family, friends, colleague, and many more new friends to share and invite in various events via online. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and many more are kind of addicted social networks which commonly chosen to join. No wonder that many people in various age levels always have at least an account of those social network programs. Following the latest development of technology, many social networks are available to choose depends on your friends and of course how fun it is. Today, there are many things that we can do through those...

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Garden Pathways Plans, Design and Installation

Garden pathways is commonly applied in a garden especially in a large garden. This is important ornaments for garden especially for you who care in safety and clean. It is applied in the garden so that people can walk around the garden while enjoying its beautiful scenery. These pathways arranged interestingly, it can be arranged in a line from your door to around the garden; it can also be placed complicated in a short distance for each other, or it can be arranged in zigzags to give wider effect for narrow landscapes on your garden. Various pathways are made...

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