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15 Home Cleaning Hacks

#1 DIY Sticker and gunk remover Remove those stickers and labels from the containers without any difficulty with this simple sticker and gunk remover.Click here to try this out.     #2 Cleaning naturally with essential oils Never rely on the chemicals for cleaning your house and clean your house in an environment friendly natural way with essential oils. Click here to find out more.     #3 Clean calcium off faucets Get rid of that unwanted calcium on the faucets with this simple cleaning hack. You can find the steps by clicking here.     #4 Lemon vinegar...

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13 Must Do Home Decor

#1 DIY Chalkboard paint Give your old refrigerators a new and unique look with this DIY Chalkboard paint. Click here for complete steps.     #2 DIY Address plate Modernize the way your address plate looks with this simple DIY. Just click here and follow the steps.     #3 Wooden floating shelves These stylish chunky wooden floating shelves are just the thing your home decor might have been missing!! click here to try this out.     #4 Wood tilt-out trash cabinet Never leave your trash cans out with the amazing wood tilt-out trash cabinets. click here for...

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12 Genius Cleaning Tips

Your house is where your heart is. One person works his entire life, day in, day out, in order to build his/her dream house. But, maintaining a house becomes a bigger challenge once the house is build. Here are some Genius tips to maintain your house clean. #1 Homemade Glass Cleaner –  Glasses are elementary part of any house. They not only enhance the beauty of house, but also provide you vision which makes you feel Aww. But, there are two sides of a coin. They also get dirty very soon, because of the dust, surroundings and regular activities....

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11 Car Cleaning Hacks you must know

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy CARS. And that’s kind of same thing. Your car is the most important thing to you after the basic necessities. Thus, It’s important to make sure it stays clean, hygienic and shiny. However, our day to day usage creates a lot of problems which needs to be dealt with. Here are some of the best hacks that you MUST know in order to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your car. #1 – Car Seats – Your car seats is the most important place, as it’s the first thing that comes to vision while getting into a car. Imagine, you have not used your car for a couple of weeks or so, and you find your seats in extremely poor condition. What to do? Here is what you can do in order to restore the condition of your seats. Seat Cleaner #2 Car Cup Holders – Your car is not just a vehicle to drive, it is a place where you live when you are driving. Therefore, it must be very apt and should feel like new every-time. Imagine, your cup holders that you used last night while having snacks in your cars stinks and smells badly, how to get rid of them? Here’s a what you can do in order to make them look brand new, Again! Clean Cup Holders...

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Keeping Up WIth Change: Interior Trends for 2014

Modern interior is continuously changing and this year the overall trend is to keep the design and decoration simple in a way that gives a dramatic impact. Different styles and trends suit different people, so I have collected a number of trends to look out for this year to hopefully give you some inspiration  Saturated Colours If being bold isn’t for you and you prefer to keep your colours safe – having a room of beiges, greys and whites can look very sophisticated and clean. The newest trend is to add a few darker shades to your saturated room. It may seem daunting, but the odd piece of furniture can look really striking and dramatic. Perhaps you could get a darker colour sofa.  Textures To get a luxurious twist on your room, using a mix of textures and materials such as velvet and suede will add richness and quality to any decorated room. It is important to get the right amount of these materials without over doing it. Having a velvet throw over the arms of your sofa will be a delicate addition. Not only do these materials add some luxury, they are also very durable.  Modern-classic There will always be room for old classic patterns and decor, but in 2014, you should ditch the decaying floral patterns and replace them for a modern take of the floral pattern....

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