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12 Rug DIYs

#1 DIY Potholder Rug  Wanna try out something amazing in your spare time? This DIY potholder rug is just what you’re looking for. Get the complete tutorial here. #2 DIY large scale rug Looking for some creative and unique ideas for your home decor? Here’s how you can make a large scale rug from scratch in few simple steps.Just click here and follow the steps.   #3 DIY Faux-fur rug Make your own beautiful and comfy Faux-fur rug with this simple tutorial. Read here the complete steps.   #4 DIY Pom pom rug Got some extra yarn and don’t...

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14 Creative DIY Light Ideas

#1 DIY CD lamp Got all those extra CDs that don’t work anymore ? Don’t throw them away and try out this awesome DIY CD lamp.Just click here and follow the steps.     #2 DIY lightening cloud This magnificent DIY lightening cloud is an spectacular and unique  addition to your home decor .For complete steps,click here.     #3 DIY Ping-pong ball cafe lights Decorate the nursery or any of your rooms in a unique style with these fabulous DIY ping-pong ball cafe lights. Read here the complete steps.     #4 DIY Christmas light balls Give your Christmas...

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14 Excellent Beauty DIYs

#1 DIY Oatmeal bath bag  Looking for something to relieve the sunburn or an itchy rash? these DIY oatmeal bath bag are just the right thing for you. Just click here and follow the steps.     #2 DIY Coconut coffee scrub cubes Get rid of the stretch marks and puffy face with these amazing DIY coconut coffee scrub cubes. Find out more by clicking here.     #3 Homemade Oatmeal bath bombs These awesome homemade oatmeal bath bombs are a refreshing addition to your homemade bath products. Click here for complete steps.     #4 DIY Bath salt...

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16 Home Cleaning Tutorials

#1 DIY Daily shower spray Try out this simple DIY Shower spray and get rid of buying expensive shower sprays all the time . Just click here and follow the steps.   #2  Remove print from plastic containers Ever wonder how easy life would be if you could just check if you are out of butter or yogurt without having to remove the lid every time? Just click here and follow these simple steps.     #3 How to  clean an Iron Follow these simple steps to clean up your iron in an easy yet effective way. Click here for...

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