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12 Fridge Organizing Ideas

#1 DIY Kitchen hack Never leave out the ketchup or mustard bottles out in the open again. Squeeze them all in the fridge with this simple kitchen hack. Click here for more information.     #2 Printable fridge labels Organize your Fridge in a neat and tidy way with these awesome printable fridge labels. Read here the complete steps.   #3 Fridge organization tips Try out these fabulous fridge organization hacks and say goodbye to a messy fridge. Just click here and follow the steps.     #4 DIY Re-purpose jars Give the empty jars a new purpose instead...

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11 Makeup Cleaning Hacks

#1 Makeup brush cleaner Try out this quick and easy way to clean makeup brushes to get rid of all the bacteria and dirt on them.Just click here and follow these simple steps.   #2 DIY Drink for clear glowing skin Bring back the glow of your face with this natural and healthy drink . Click here for complete steps.     #3 DIY Makeup remover pads Save some extra bucks with these cost effective yet amazing DIY makeup remover pads. To find out more ,click here.     #4 Homemade makeup remover pads Looking for a skin friendly...

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10 Kitchen Organization Ideas

#1 DIY Cabinet organization Give your kitchen cabinets a modern touch with this amazing DIY. Click here for more information.     #2 DIY Utensil drawer organization Organize your kitchen utensil drawer in a super easy way with this awesome and cost effective DIY . Just click here and follow the steps.     #3 DIY Kitchen counter organization Make some extra space on your kitchen counter with this simple DIY. Click here for complete steps.     #4 DIY Mason jar kitchen craft Try out these  new and  unique ways to use mason jars in kitchen organization and...

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10 So Cool Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Show off your artistic side with these so cool Mason Jar Craft Ideas. Turn your jars into an exquisite and arty piece with some of the best ideas ever. # 1 Mason Jar with Paint and Distress Add a texture to your Mason Jar with some paint and more. It is better to use a new jar for this gig. However if you are planning to use an old one, make sure to rinse it thoroughly. You need to start by double coating jar with paint and let is dry. For further information read here     2 #...

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11 Excellent DIY Fire Pits Tutorials

Winters are almost round the corner and you must be thinking about giving your fire pit a much needed revamp. We are aware this is not a job everyone can do which is why we have come up with this post that includes 11 tutorials that will help you with your little DIY fire put project. 1. How to Build a DIY Fire Pit for Only $60 When it comes to setting up a fire pit for outdoors, you always face a big struggle but this neat tutorial is going to help you with doing just that under $60...

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