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15 Creative Sharpie DIYs

#1 DIY All that glitters Add a touch of glitter to your regular cups  and give them an entirely new look. Find out more by clicking here.     #2 DIY Sharpie mug Looking for a perfect gift that makes your loved ones feel special? Here’s an idea for a unique and personalized gift that is also simple and easy. Get the steps here.     #3 Sharpie mugs guide Get the ultimate guide for sharpie mugs customization in few simple steps.Just click here and follow the steps.     #4 Writing on mugs with sharpie Get the full...

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14 Awesome Crochet Tutorials

#1 Baby blanket Make something special and beautiful for your little ones to keep them warm and cozy .Just click here and follow the steps.     #2 Chunky throw blanket Try out these amazing and cozy throw blankets to add a little style to your furniture. Get the full steps here.     #3 Soften scratchy yarn Got yourself some scratchy yarn? Here’ s how you can soften it before making a crotchet. Just click here and follow the steps.     #4 Afghan pattern crochet Make Afghan pattern crochets using hexagon blocks and give them a modernize...

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10 Homemade Candle DIYs

#1 DIY lemon beeswax candle Relax and enjoy with the beautiful and refreshing scent of lemon with this simple DIY. Just click here and follow the steps.   #2 DIY Autumn cinnamon spiced candle Try out these relaxing autumn cinnamon spiced candles. Read here the complete steps.     #3 Color block candles These amazing color block candles not only soothe you but also brighten up your room and give them a cheerful look. Get the full steps here.   #4 Essential oil candles Had a tiring day at work? Calm your nerves with these relaxing and soothing essential...

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12 Rug DIYs

#1 DIY Potholder Rug  Wanna try out something amazing in your spare time? This DIY potholder rug is just what you’re looking for. Get the complete tutorial here. #2 DIY large scale rug Looking for some creative and unique ideas for your home decor? Here’s how you can make a large scale rug from scratch in few simple steps.Just click here and follow the steps.   #3 DIY Faux-fur rug Make your own beautiful and comfy Faux-fur rug with this simple tutorial. Read here the complete steps.   #4 DIY Pom pom rug Got some extra yarn and don’t...

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