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18 Revolutionary Home DIY Ideas

Who don’t want a lavish home at pocket friendly cost ? Of course ! everyone of us would love to live in their desired place . We all know how important is this to upgrade our homes twice an year or at least once . Your home need touch ups like our makeup as the dirt and moisture did a lot of harm to paints . Apart from the paints and all there should be a revolution in our home so that you can brighten up your home and your  guests should feel comfortable and amazed by your decoration...

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Best DIY Ideas That Everyone Should Know

There are a lot of DIY ideas everywhere on the internet claiming that these are the best economical and pocket-friendly. But DIY ideas should be easy and stress relieving in their properties so that people get the full benefit of the scrap they have locked up in their store rooms. There is a list of DIY ideas for you that everyone one of you should know as these are super easy and have no burden on your pocket. Embroidered Hoop Art DIY This DIY idea is the cheapest  DIY that will leave your guests to for, and you will also...

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17 So Cool DIY Crafts Projects

#1 DIY Monogram planter This elegant and beautiful DIY monogram planter is a must do if you’re looking for something creative for your home decor. Get the complete steps here.     #2 DIY Wall art:Yarn wrapped LOVE Take out your sewing supplies and show off your creativity with this simple DIY wall art .Click here for full steps.   #3 Unicorn Poop slime recipe This amazing DIY recipe is totally awesome and not gross at all.Add a little color to your parties with these rainbow themed beauties. Click here to find out more.     #4 DIY Stress...

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15 Creative Sharpie DIYs

#1 DIY All that glitters Add a touch of glitter to your regular cups  and give them an entirely new look. Find out more by clicking here.     #2 DIY Sharpie mug Looking for a perfect gift that makes your loved ones feel special? Here’s an idea for a unique and personalized gift that is also simple and easy. Get the steps here.     #3 Sharpie mugs guide Get the ultimate guide for sharpie mugs customization in few simple steps.Just click here and follow the steps.     #4 Writing on mugs with sharpie Get the full...

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14 Awesome Crochet Tutorials

#1 Baby blanket Make something special and beautiful for your little ones to keep them warm and cozy .Just click here and follow the steps.     #2 Chunky throw blanket Try out these amazing and cozy throw blankets to add a little style to your furniture. Get the full steps here.     #3 Soften scratchy yarn Got yourself some scratchy yarn? Here’ s how you can soften it before making a crotchet. Just click here and follow the steps.     #4 Afghan pattern crochet Make Afghan pattern crochets using hexagon blocks and give them a modernize...

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