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Eden Bathroom Style

Eden bathroom style is identical with pool to replace usual bathtub in the bathroom. Well, it certainly need more space to create this kind of bathroom style so that the Eden bathroom can perfectly applied. There are many designs of Eden bathroom which are available to choose. In this article, we will discuss at least two Eden bathroom designs to increase your bathroom design inspiration. Red Fire Eden Bathroom Style Red color especially kind of bright red color is perfect to create the hottest Eden bathroom style inside your house. This Eden bathroom design looks elegant with red cabinets...

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Multi Shaped Fan Table by Mauricio Alfonso

Having various styles of table gives you a number of advantages when you conduct an event in different time. People will think that you are creative in preparing the things for the party since the ambience is different. That is pretty functional then. If you intend to get that benefit, you do not need to have several different tables. Mauricio Alfonso creates an innovative thing for people who are interested in one table that can be set in various shape of table. This article will give you a slight of information what the multi-shaped fan table by Mauricio Alfonso....

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Unique Hand Blown Glass Terrarium by Bevara Design

Plant is the best choice to create fresh spot in the house. People commonly use various media to place the plant in every nook of the house. They can be large or small pot, vase, or such unique media like terrarium. Hand Blown Glass Terrarium is unique to be applied in the house. Besides this terrarium is small and removable, it uses transparent glass that allows you can see the plant from the outside. The shape of this terrarium is as like an egg with flat bottom. The whole of terrarium is made of transparent glass. The interesting thing...

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4 Colorful Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Colorful living room wallpaper is chic solution to create comfortable and pleasant accent in the one of most visited spot in the house. Big motif in various colors which are unusual to be applied on the wall should be appropriate to cozy the room. Small or medium size of motif on the wallpaper is also suitable especially if it is applied on a side of wall, so that crowded effect will not happen. There are numerous themes which can be fit to these colorful wallpapers such as: season theme like winter, spring, fall, summer, and other motif themes of...

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Organic Bed

Organic bed is kind of unique comfortable bed which is specifically designed for eco friendly product. This kind of organic bedding sets certainly made of eco friendly material which helps you to reduce any bad effect for the earth. Besides it made especially of organic material, this SLEEPY bed is also has several special features that make it as special as main bedroom furniture. The modern concept on SLEEPY organic Bed SLEEPY organic bed definitely created to represent such modern bedroom furniture which is economical and environment friendly. The design of this eco bed is really modern with unique...

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