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Egg Inspired Table for Your Cheerful Room

Egg is commonly found and used in the kitchen as one of natural ingredient which serves much of protein. This natural ingredient that comes from bird animals has inspired WarmHouse to make a table with the same appearance like an egg. Actually there are some natural things related to the nature that also inspired WarmHouse to make this egg inspired table. Those natural things are an egg, bird, tree, and root. Why does it inspired by an egg? The main shape of tabletop is oval with two color composition painted like frying egg in the pan. The color composition...

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Futurism Presented through Geometric LED Light Structure

Futuristic objects are the most wanted decoration now. It is because life is so dynamical. People are mobile to get the mission that they have to accomplish. Because of that, they like simplicity and versatility for their house. Ornamentations and bolds are not found in each edge of the modern decoration. Then, the designers play a good game named Pushing-up the Shape. In this game, all designers compete to design a good thing by implementing a stunning shape. Uniqueness is the best concept that you have to implement. One of decorations that you can play with the uniqueness is...

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Ttips and Tutorial : How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How to paint kitchen cabinets properly becomes common question when someone wants to paint his or her old kitchen cabinet perfectly so that the kitchen cabinet will look adorable as like new cabinets in the furniture stores. Sometimes remodel or rebuild activity must to be done to replace the old kitchen cabinet with new look. For those people who haven’t spare time to do this activity usually uses someone service to help them arrange their old cabinet. But there are also some people who want to do it by themselves to ensure it will finish properly. There are some...

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Great Innovation and Function in Sofa Designed by Marcin Wielgosz

It is truly undeniable and irrevocable that sofa is important to be set in the living room, the place where you usually show off how beauty of your house is. That is also the place where you chat with your friends when they come to your house. The spot where you can mingle with the friends after long time no see. You are able to spend your time together and fill that with happiness. It may the main reason why you need to complete the living room with some facilities. You should make the living room more stunning by...

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Unique Chair House Sculpture by Ted Lott

The artistic chair designed by Ted Lott, a wood worker and an artist, successfully applied on the old chair which recreated with unique wooden house frame on it. Actually, the chair function is not as a seat as like common chair but here its function is as a foundation for the wooden house frame made on it. The design of the house frame that is named as Sit/Stay is really unique and attractive. Ted Lott try to use the old chair as foundation to form naturally the wooden house frame on it. The dark brown chair frame without the...

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