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Various Grey Color Combinations for Dining Room

Grey dining room decor are created to solve people’s problem in considering their dining room style. By applying grey color in dining room will bring futuristic and modern nuance. Many decorating store provide several unique styles of dining room in this earth element color. And today provide three best dining room with grey decor. Take look at the following pictures. Be unique with unusual wall decal motifs Some people want to be unique than others, and they apply their interest in their dining room. Unique dining room as one of grey dining room ideas above become interesting optional...

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Feel The Classic Nuance when Cooking with Shabby Chic Kitchen Style

What do you know about shabby chic kitchen? For you who are currently looking for some inspirations to remodel or install the facelift of your kitchen, this classical decor might be one that is supposed to be put on your list. The idea of shabby chic kitchen design is emphasizing the effortless decor. It is better for you to just utilize the available decors, stuffs as well as the current model of your kitchen as possible. The word ‘shabby’ here has nothing to do with messy kitchen but it is closely related to the warm look, rustic comfort, oldies...

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Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture with French Style

Shabby chic furniture is often used to complete the decoration of shabby chic bedroom. Most interior designers will consider most the precise selection of furniture and accessories for shabby style whether it has been matched with the bedroom interior design or not. In decorating shabby chic bedroom, choosing matched furniture will become the most important in creating the shabby chic bedroom design. Even, the furniture will be the main components which will create the sense of classical on shabby chic bedroom decoration. There are several kinds of shabby chic bedroom. They are bed, chair, table, lighting, cupboard, and many...

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Inside Bill Gates House: Pictures, Interior and Exclusive Photo Tours

Bill Gates as the main chairman of Microsoft Computer Software surely has amazing home design. To design and to decor the exterior and interior home, he does not think about how much money he must spend to decorate and to design an incredible and comfortable home. As one of the millionaires in the world, Bill Gates has unique house. When we look at Bill Gates home interior, it is so fantastic. It emphasizes natural theme in which most of interior design shows off all things naturally. Let’s see what else Bill Gates Home Tour which is ‘must’ be visited...

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Best Home Bar Design Ideas, Themes and Gallery

Previously we have posted many useful info about home bar ranging from furniture design, layout arrangements, lighting installation, decorating tips to a few inspiring bar ideas. As our promised, today we will show more cool decor that is ready to use as reference in making your dedicated home bar. An unbelievable collection of the most popular pub and home bar design ideas from world class designer is what is shown to you in this section to help you build a good-stocked and useful bar. If you are designer or people who have your own home bar design ideas, why...

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