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Bathroom furniture doesn’t always have to be sterile. There are plenty of interesting pieces that would make your bathroom an exciting place. Although the furniture is usually only serving the purpose, it doesn’t mean that it can not be designed differently. Here are some great examples of bathroom vanities that will bring charm to any bathroom. As central elements of the bathroom they deserve your attention.   For the rustic lovers a handmade wooden vanity is a good choice. There are no storage spaces except of the top surface for placing your things, but it is enough in addition...

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Enjoying a bath is a matter of pleasure. And there is something luxurious about it.  Not only because of the space you need for a bathtub, but also because of the time you have to spend taking a bath. But if you are addicted to it, there is no reason not to fulfill your enjoyment with a complete interior design with your bathtub in the center of it. Here are some perfect examples of breathtaking bath enclosures and reasons why to upgrade your shower room into a real bathing room.   Yes, bathtubs could be a bathing room, literally. Consider a tub a bed and provide everything needed on the walls around you, at the reach of your hand. Add some shelves for books, gadgets, magazines, drinks, candles; whatever may keep you relaxed (if water is not enough for you). Do not forget the bathing products, and towels.   Shelves should give you the opportunity to have all the stuff you need around you, so you wouldn’t have to exit your new room as much as you enjoy. Make sure you organize your space with window, and the entrance arc, that will make your room official. The façade of your bathing space should be irresistible, just to remind you that you can have half an hour a day just for yourself.   Variations are countless. For those with more...

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Five Ways to Use Shabby Chic Furniture in Your Living Room

Shabby chic living rooms are back and in style. Furniture for these inexpensive and delightful rooms have been featured in design magazines all over the country. They are a great way to decorate on a budget and create a unique environment for entertaining guests. The hallmark of the shabby chic living room is the “down home” feel created by the style; this is created by every piece in the room, right down to living room curtains. Each piece of inexpensive furniture that appears handmade or vintage combined with smooth lines offers a unique flavor for your parlor that can...

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Barn Designs to Admire and Use In Your Interior Design

Barn style homes are not only a trend. They are pleasant to live in and keep us connected with nature and tradition. More and more, people are buying even old barn kits and turning them into pleasurable homes. They could be even transferred to a different place so don’t give up if you admire patina wood looks, or they could be made form a scratch. If you would like to implement some barn design into your own interior, go for it! It is a contemporary solution to combine styles, and barn wood is perfectly combined with concrete, for example,...

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25 Unique Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house. Every day, people use the kitchen to cook their daily meals since morning until the evening. Therefore, it is one of the best and most important places to design. The countertops are where all the magic happened. Most people use the countertops for the preparation of food and sometimes even eating on them. Therefore, there is a huge need to make it stylish in a way. There are many designs that have been developed to suit the countertops in the kitchen. Below is a list of the...

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