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Have an extra cozy living room with these furniture ideas

Some would say that the living area is the most stylish room of a house; and they couldn’t be more right. Living areas are usually the cleanest too. Homeowners use them for family gatherings, parties, and even dining. However because they’re not overly used they have a tendency to look cold and unappealing. You certainly don’t want friends and family to feel like in a hospital when stepping foot into your living room. Here are some great furniture ideas to help you transform your space radically. Use them and you’ll have the coziest, most inviting living room. Multipurpose furniture...

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Five Gorgeous Rooms with Nautical-Themed Decor (Dane O’Leary)

Nautical decor has been a favorite of designers and decorators for decades. There’s something about the simplicity of the classic look and the way that it evokes the coast that people find appealing, even soothing. The great thing about nautical decor is that it’s versatile and can go in pretty much any direction. Nautical can be traditional or modern, abstract or literal. No matter what your personal style may be, nautical decor would be as at-home in your abode as it would a coastal cottage. If you love a regal, sleek nautical look as much as many others, take...

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Decorate your Bedroom with 5 Amazing Long Headboard Designs

Headboards can change the look of your bedrooms dramatically. If you want to give your bedroom a quick uplift, consider buying upholstered headboards or tufted headboards. If you are decorating your bedroom within a certain budget range, then opt for DIY headboards. Headboards are the most apparent feature of a bedroom. You can alter the entire look of your bedroom by merely replacing or renovating the headboards of your beds. Apart from giving your bed a complete look, headboards are now considered as decorative items. The most amazing feature of headboard designs is that they can be replaced or renovated easily. DIY headboards can either be purchased from furniture stores or you can undertake this project yourself if you are interested in renovating your existing headboards. Make sure you are well equipped with the required tools before embarking on your DIY headboard project. There are different kinds of DIY headboard designes like DIY headboards for twin beds, DIY headboards with storage etc.   Depending upon your requirements and preferred style, you can alter the look of your bedroom with DIY headboards. If you want to give your room a rustic look, then go for wooden DIY headboards. They can be painted as well, to complement the color scheme of your room; or they can also be used in unfinished form, in order to give your bedroom a pure rustic...

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Five Concepts for Interior Designing with Slanted Walls

Coming up with decor ideas for a space with slanted walls can be a challenge. Most of the time these rooms become bedrooms for a youngest child, guests, or simply demoted to storage space because they can be difficult to beautify to the standards of the homeowner. We have five ideas for these undervalued spaces that will help you create a room you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come. Three of these interior decorating ideas will help you great the perfect bedroom for spaces that may otherwise feel confining for their occupant, the other two...

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Great Bathroom Storage Solutions: DIY Bathroom Cabinet

Are you the one who keeps much stuff at the edge of a bathtub, or covers every flat surface with all the hygiene and beauty products? Even if you are very tidy and organized you would agree that there is never enough space in the bathroom to keep all the stuff you need in order. We always bring home more and more products, and can not resist buying, even just to try. Here is one great DIY for a mirror bathroom storage cabinet that will provide you some extra storage space, but also you will be equipped with one huge mirror, so you could see yourself in a clear picture. Do not be afraid of it. It is great to have a full length mirror in bathroom, besides the one in the corridor or bedroom. Accept the challenge, we are sure that it will only give you positive notes and be a stimulant to improve your body, so as the looks when preparing to go out. Only in bathroom you are 100% alone and it is a great opportunity to be honest to yourself. So let’s start: What you need: a full length mirror, sides and shelves cut from pinewood or whitewood boards, hinges, a pull, magnet closures, and some construction accessories like screws, glue and tools. For the finishing select a color of wood stain to use. How...

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