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Eight Home Decor Essentials That Give Rooms the Shot of Style They Need

The sophisticated style of the living space is a reflection of the owner’s personality. We can even say it is the face and the vision of a person reflected in common domestic things. We want to show you how to make such vision thoughtful and stylish. The key to a beautiful home décor is to put your imagination to work and use your creative spirit to design a space according to your very own sense of style. Hello Mr. Torchere You must have forgotten about floor lightings… Believe it or not, this trend has been reinvented and it is...

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Change the Entire Look of Your Dining Room Just by Changing the Curtains

Curtains are used in most rooms within your home and yet their power is often underestimated. Changing a set of curtains can completely alter the look and feel of any room. The best curtains are those which emphasize the window and maximize the light while minimizing heat loss! Before making any purchases, make sure that you’ve settled on a budget. Invest in quality fabrics and make sure that the design and color chosen matches with the rest of your living area. Shades and curtains can have a great effect on your dining area. Apart from providing shade, they can...

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Tips to find beautiful summer inspiration for your front entry

Now that summer is here it’s time to adorn our entryways and make them look as enticing as possible for our guests. There are so many ingenious ideas we can use to make the front entry seem inspiring, attractive and modern. Homeowners can decorate with flowers, rugs, paint and all kinds of additional accessories. There’s really not need to spend a fortune on a new front door or hallway furniture; sometimes the smallest details can have the biggest impact. You’ll be surprised how much a new coat of paint and a few flowers can change your front entry. Here...

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Give your windows a fabulous look with these treatments

If you haven’t heard of the “wave” or “ripplefold” window treatment just yet, now it would be a great time to get more information. Basically we’re talking about a drape that creates continuous waves when closed. This can be achieved on a ripplefold drapery rod, which almost vanishes thus transforming your space into a fluid, soft and modern environment. This sort of drapes will make your windows appear modern, romantic, and really chic. Here are some more ideas you can get inspired from. Sheer drapes Sheer drapes add a delicate allure to your home décor. They look amazing on...

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How to take care of your furniture if they are delicate pieces?

Wooden furniture is probably the most common type of accessory found around people’s homes. Whether yours is vintage-inspired, antique, or contemporary, it is important to care for the pieces and preserve them in excellent condition for as long as possible. Most homeowners assume that dusting their furniture once a week is enough to keep it good condition; sadly, it’s not. Wood comes in numerous forms, and several types are extremely vulnerable to moisture, temperature changes and light. Good quality furniture that costs more will only last longer if it is cared for. From time to time pampering your pieces...

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